Richard Harris


Dear Barbara,

Happy Mother’s Day to you. I hope you get to spend the day with some family and loved ones
doing something nice for yourself. This will be yet another holiday away from my family. I’ve
pretty much missed them all except for Father’s Day. That will be missed next month. LOL. It’s
fine though, I will just have to make up all the list time, holidays, and birthdays when I get out.
Well I finished reading “The Life of Christ”. I enjoyed it very much. I am currently reading “Mere
Christianity” which I enjoy reading as well. Great picks for books on your part. Thank you very
much again. As for the Bible, I just finished the Book of Daniel. I’ve never read so much in my
life. I look forward to my new life reading when I am out.

So how was your week out of town? Do you travel often? I miss traveling. My wife really hasn’t
traveled much so there are many places i want to show her. The world is such a beautiful place.
It’s such a shame what is happening to it. Do you have a bucket list travel destination? Have
you vet been to Israel? My wife and I would love to go. So much history and meaning. It would
really have a spiritual impact I’d imagine.

Well that’s all I have for now. Writers block. HA HA. Thank you for all that you do. It really helps
receiving kind, inspirational letters and books. You are too kind.

Happy Mother’s Day and God bless,

P.S. There is now another persecuted patriot in my unit. He is only here until he is released at
the end of this month. Dennis Adams is his name if you would like to write him as well. Just
keeping you updated.

Richard Harris

📬 Richard Harris
FDC SeaTac
Federal Detention Center
PO Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

🎂 2/7 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 331 days

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