Peter Schwartz

February 29th 2024

Barbara, (and wolfie),

Hello, a second thank you for your letters! I certainly always appreciate your letters. At times, it’s difficult to keep my spirits up, and.. whether the theology hits home to me or not.. your dedication, persistence, and consistency is always inspiring! We are in the End Times, and although Protestants and Catholics have some theological differences; we are united through Jesus Christ, and the great commission.

I admire your dedication, and it uplifts me and encourages me more than you realize. May God reward you richly in the ever after!

I also appreciate the financial support. Very much so. I was unaware that you’ve been sponsoring Ryan.. Samsel, right? That’s the Antifa guy that was working with Ray Epps to start the “riot” while all of us Trump supporters were at the speech.. am I correct? You mentioned sending bookmarks. I didn’t receive them. At least not along with the letter, anyhow. All my mail is photocopied, and they give me the copy. It is color copies though, so if you just Xerox whatever pictures you’d like to send; I will get photocopies of whatever you photocopy.

From your letters, it seemed like you hadn’t got my last letter. Maybe it’s there by now..?

God bless, Peter Schwartz

PS: I’m a dog lover. I don’t hate cats, like some people do. I just have nothing in common with them. I have much in common with dogs. Peter Schwartz

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