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Barbara, 7-5-23

The book you sent will probably get here eventually. My mail tends to, but is most often delayed 1-2 months while the prison censors give me that little extra bit of attention that they are so generous in handing out. The books actually come faster. I guess they suspect nothing nefarious from So there is no physical address here (at least not for me), just the PO box. It does work tho, however slowly.

Yes, I am still doing fine here.
Butner Low is a somewhat lonely place to do time, as many are sent here for what I will politely describe as “crimes against children.” They can’t be sent to a minimum security prison and terrible things happen to them in medium and up, so they end up here. There are some “normal guys” here besides myself tho. Its not just political dissidents that get caught up unfairly in the fed system. And it turns out its pretty easy to bond when the only alternative social scene would include sex offenders. But enough about those unpleasant types. Send my regards to Wolfie. Feel free to promo my show anywhere you like – but it won’t work on any of the big social networks. Even in “private” messages as many are surprised to learn. Hence, “Censored.TV”

Keep the faith as always. I’ll be free soon enough.

Nick Ochs

Nicholas Ochs

📬 Nicholas Ochs
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 999
BUTNER, NC 27509

Has been serving sentence for 223 days.