Happy birthday Michael! We hope that despite the circumstances you can still celebrate your special day with your family.

Michael is facing numerous redundant charges, a strategy employed by the DOJ to induce defendants into considering a plea bargain. Each case varies, and we refrain from taking a stance in favor of or against plea deals. For several defendants, opting for a plea deal has been their sole recourse to evade lengthy separations from their families. Conversely, some have opted for a trial by judge or jury, which has proven to be arduous. Throughout, we’ve documented only two trials that concluded without a guilty verdict. Evidently, a significant proportion of judges exhibit bias against defendants, with some even making references to Trump supporters as Nazis. The jury selection process in DC has revealed that a majority of jurors hold far-left ideologies, potentially harboring strong biases against J6 defendants. This diverges markedly from the ideal of affording every American a jury composed of their peers.

Please pray for Michael and send him birthday wishes to make sure he knows he is not forgotten.


Michael Sparks

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Free on recognizance
(charged on 1/19/2021)