Rebecca (and family),

I got your books! They actually arrived before your letter did.

The cops here seem to like to hold on to my letters for quite a while before giving them to me. That’s fine I guess. I get pretty good mail and perhaps they just enjoy reading it too.

Anyway, I am familiar with Wallbuilders. Seeing that name again really took me back. I used to trascribe the Barton’s videos for another conservative org that I worked for back in like 2017.

Thank you for the prayers as well. I continue to study my Bible daily and am happy to use this time the best way that I can use any time: to focus on God and apply what I learn to life. Since I am new to Christianity this is especially important.

Keep the faith out there.
I’ll keep doing fine in here.

God bless
Nick Ochs

Nicholas Ochs

Nicholas Ochs
FCI Butner Low Federal
Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 999
Butner, NC 27509