Dear Barbara,

Hello. I hope your having a good day. My day is going OK. I’m pretty tired and a little cranky
because of it but I will be OK. I figured that if I write a letter it will make me feel better.
My back is back to normal now. I wont say better because I am, 50 year old flooring
installer so its always a little sore. But thats normal.

You were talking about R.F. Kennedy talking about the debt that has been loaded on to
the American people by Biden & Trump. I know that both of them have contributed a huge debt
but if I’m not mistaken all presidents wrack up debt.,I don’t know if any president has ever not
left office without wracking up more debt… now that I say that I think there was a president
that helped the debt. Not sure who it was if so…[It was Calvin Coolidge] but it doesn’t surprise
me at all that the debt has gone up. I am not an expert by any means on the debt or finances
of America, I wish I knew more, but I don’t think that it would be impossible to fix a big 75-80%
of our debt. The debt that America is in when they talk about “America is in debt” belongs to
the big banks and the Federal Reserve. The money dont even exist. Its just numbers on a
computer for the most part and then to make good of them numbers the Federal Reserve
prints some of it and it all happens with no real collateral but its to be payed back with interest,
and thats our debt in a nutshell. The Federal Reserve had a contract to do exactly what it does
and from what I understand the (illegal in my opinion) contract was to make sure America
would recover from the depression and it eliminated the gold backed dollar. At this point I say
we should just kick the Federal Reserve to the curb and declare all the interest/debt as illegal,
and a great big chunk of our “debt” will be gone. You may know something I don’t but thats the
way I understand it to be.

I hadn’t herd about the reviewing of past social media postings. The other side hates
free speech because their side of any argument has no legs to stand on so their way of winning
an argument is not to have one. Thought police at its best. Strait out of 1984.
God wins. The Lord our righteousness… I hope you have a great day and thanks you
for being there for us.

Your friend,

(Markus Maly)
P.S. I am reading the book of Proverbs but I will jump into Jeremiah next.
…God bless…

Markus Maly

📬 Markus Maly
FCI Bennettsville
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 52020
Bennettsville, SC 29512

Incarcerated since 1/26/2022
or 863 days.

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