The Chinese have been controlled by European Union, the IMF, and if you want to make a
distinction, United Nations. The global corporations of the world, are pooling their resources
and forcing their moves. I’m not confident, that DJT, and Elon have really much of a chance, or
perhaps agenda, which keeps us from being replaced. Only if the Gold Treaty, and BRICS does
not centralize controls, and enslave us all by it. To really know for sure, the ISO 20022 must be
comprehended, and determined useful for individual freedoms, rather than forced compliance
to policies, which maybe be, or look like adhesion contracts. If so, the only thing freedom
loving people can do, is barter, and use personally stamped gold or silver rounds. Most people
will probably rather destroy themselves in ignorance, or become Malecontents and be exiled.
They are intentionally keeping me in a hold-over for transport. Conair flew me into PDX week
ago. Instead of getting off the plane for Sheridan, they took-off and stuck me here in Victorville
(Adelanto, CA). I’m labeled a domestic terrorist, to which my objections have been ignored. I’ve
been effectively murdered. Perhaps this is my time in the whole? I just don’t see how this is
necessary for the tasks ahead, still contemplating. The guards tried to put me in a cell w/ a sex
offender. I refused, stating it would violate BOP policies, putting inmates in with dangerous
inmates. They took to the hole (SHU) and took away my phone and commissary for 40 days.
The grievance process is illusory, therefore there is no redress of grievances, no legal avenue of
recourse. They (feds) are screaming at us, they are at war with the public. It’s been a
declaration of war, since lockdowns began, no audible response from Americans.
The Trump vs Biden (democrats) saga, will only distract us, so China can land in the West. I
hope I’m wrong, but this is all detailed in Chinese 700 year plan. 2024 is the year of the
I’ve been designated, yet they won’t tell me where, and I’ve still been sitting here for weeks I
will likely not have time to prepare for April 29th appeals hearing. There has been no process or
avenue of legal preparation. This U.S., Inc. is the fraud and all who serve it.
Kindest regards,
Marc Anthony Bru

J6 Hostage

These are my product bar codes.
Reg #37551-509
PAC #513248-607

Marc Bru

📬 Marc Bru
FCI Victorville Medium II
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 3850
Adelanto, CA 92301

Incarcerated since 3/30/2021
or 1129 days.

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