10 April 2024
Dear Barbara,
I’m sorry I have taken so long to reply to your letter of Dec 15 and Feb 20th. I was put on the
road to go to a prison to serve out my sentence toward the end of Jan. I told my wife not to
write and postponed my correspondence thinking I would soon be in my permanent location.
Now I am into my 11th week here at the Philly transit center so I decided to bite the bullet and
catch upon my correspondence.
Before I forget, I wanted you to know that my wife does have a little lap dog like your
Wolfie. About two years before my incarceration she felt inspired to get a lap dog for
companionship in case the Feds put me away for a while. We picked him up from a breeder on
the 14th of June. So we named him ‘Banner’ after the banner of Liberty, since 14 June is flag
day. My wife has commented that getting up and taking care of him is sometimes the only
reason she had to get out of bed some days.
You’ll be interested to know that can’t make out the name C. and I were sentenced
the same day in DC. and sent here to Philly FDC at the same time. We were cell mates for
about a month before he was transferred out. He should have been to his destination in OK for
several weeks now.
Hopefully I’ll be moved out one of these days out west so I can have my wife and family
come visit. Myra and I have been married 45 this July – so it is not easy being apart. Before the
last 7 months the longest we were apart was 6 weeks for Army officer boot camp. I’m sorry to
hear about the loss of your husband five years ago. I think my wife is feeling something along
those lines now during this separation. Isn’t it great to know that Christ has broken the bonds
of death and that we will be reunited with our loved ones. I don’t know how people can deal
with the death of a loved one without that assurance.
Thank you again for your support of J6 prisoners and for your love of America.
Reed K. Christensen

Reed Christensen

📬 Reed Christensen
FDC Philadelphia
Federal Detention Center
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Philadelphia, PA 19105

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