LTC. Larry Brock

September 30 2023

day 68 in the hole

day 124 as a political prisoner.

Dear Barbara,

As always, thank you for your letter and your sheets of quotes. I promise you I am trying to look forward and I’m working on two books. The first is my story, and the second is the work of historical fiction reference 2020 2024 in a second Trump administration. I do believe that God has been working on me to pray for my enemies, and to wait for God’s justice and action on my case. Like you I pray for those who are persecuting me and thank you for asking for God’s grace on me. I especially like psalm 25; 16-21.

Recently at the Evangelical conference president Trump stated as soon as he is elected he is going to establish a task force to investigate persecution of political prisoners of the Biden administration. When I am released from the whole, I will write president Trump and ask to serve on that task force. I do not want revenge; I want Justice and the restoration of equal justice under law. As I sit in solitary confinement, I’m asking God day and night for action ( Luke 18; 7 – 8 ).

God bless you, your family, President Trump and the United states,.

LTC. Larry Brock

political prisoner

Springfield gulag

P.S.    thank you for the book on Thomas Jefferson. I received it yesterday and will start reading it today.

Larry Brock

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Has been serving sentence for 265 day

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