Dear Barbara, 5/20/23

Thank you for the inspiring stories of hope, the tribute to J6ers and the why of J6. The well gathered information is helpful for putting a coherent explanation of why J6 happened. Many more people need to understand this. It can be hard to explain at times to be open minded and put aside the bad actors and see the “why” of why people were there in questioning voting irregularities, etc. I am happy that you had a good Mother’s Day. I bet it must be Smokey there right now with Canada’s fires going right now. It is Smokey here in Colorado. I applied and was accepted into the “Dog training program.” We train rescue dogs for 6 weeks then they are moved to hopefully find forever homes. Then we get a new dog to train. I will have more time to read now so I will need to see if the library has the book “The return of the God’s.” I have many books to read and I’m waiting for more classes to start. I quit working in the sweat shop yesterday after being accepted into the Dog program. I will be moving to a new housing unit, they say it will be the upper west. So they better forward all this mail I get! My dog should get here around the end of the month, but I will be moved in about a week. I’m sure they will get my mail to me. I will confirm in future letters where my new housing unit is. I am running out of paper til next weeks commissary, so I will keep this short since I have more letters to write. I burned up a lot last week for Mother’s Day. You are all family to me. Have a blessed week Barb. Stay Strong.

Your friend, Joshua Hughes


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