Dear Barbara Levich, 4-20-23

Thank you so much for your letter and your kind words of encouragement. I sincerely appreciate you reaching out to me. In addition, my family and I are grateful for your prayers. Thank you for putting me on the mailing list. I have received a few letters so far. It is nice to know that people care and can recognize an obvious injustice when they see one. It is true, our government has become very corrupt and dishonest. Unfortunately I was highly aware of this long before any of this took place. I sincerely hope that what has been done to us (J’6ers) does not discourage others from speaking up and fighting back. For evil triumphs when good men (and women) do nothing. I know in my heart of hearts, however, that all things happen for a reason. And all things are under God’s control and part of his grand plan. The more they come after us, the more they attack conservatives and the more they try to throw at president Trump the more it reinforces my knowledge that we are doing the right things. The devil attacks only those whom he doesn’t control. So while the current ordeals we face – unfair prosecutions, a corrupt federal government, a dishonest “news” media, a morally bankrupt political party (dems), traitors in our own party (McConnell, Kinzinger, Cheney etc.) hypocrites at every turn and a long list of others. I still remain hopeful that with good people, good leaders, and God’s intervention things can always get better. Thank you again for your letter, I pray you are well and that this letter finds you and your family enjoying God’s blessings. Take care and keep praying.

Vote Trump 2024
Save America

-Joshua Dillon Haynes