May 30 2023

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for reaching out. Needless to say I wish I wasn‘t here and could be out trying to help keep our country together and from falling apart.
I was given 55 months for basically walking through a door.
Needless to say, it was a lot more peaceful protest than what the left calls a peaceful protest. But I know this will not be in vain.
I do have a 10 & 12 year old out there that literally don‘t even know I am in prison. I‘ve lost friends, family, and everything I own due to this. I will relocate when I get out to probably North Carolina.
Please feel free to write whenever, and if anyone can help with commisary they can put on my books or go to my givesendgo @ „“ has a picture of my face. If you have Social Media please share.
Josh Pruitt