Jeffrey McKellop

Mid October 2023


Beach boys came out with “Barbara Ann”. Total hit! 🙂  Thank you for writing. It’s always great to get fan mail. :-). All the other inmates are frowning because no one loves them. Oh well, we all have a path we follow. I was reading through the Epoch Times. October 4, 2023 issue. Backtrack – when I was with special forces third group, our area of special focus was Africa. I’ve only been to Nigeria and Kenya. Within those countries is a beast waiting. The corruption, crime, poverty and extortion is freakishly vast. Every year there is some non-profit raising money for these fools. Yet these United countries every year are experiencing a famine, drought, some muzioid Islamic b******t, yet they have time to reproduce and put their five children (all one year older than the next) on the news with flies and sewage all over them.

Every trip I’ve made. We bring millions of dollars in cash and equipment to the savages. After arriving, the vacant area we occupy becomes a small town. All with their hands out looking for more. Nigeria BirninKeebi – we gave a massive “CAT” generator in a sealed container! It took one month and the lights went out one night. Around 02:00. I woke and the power was out. We didn’t hear anything because of local noise and all night activity. Wtf? Where is the genny? Of course the guards we hired had no idea. Fired! :\   Ask the locals…nothing…we gave them a ton of clothing. Within a few weeks we were on the range shooting. “Hey, booger eater, where are your boots?”   “Oh, Mister! I beg you give me more boots. Mister, someone stole them.” :[ “What?! No! Keep control of your s***! “

Fast forward…pieces of clothing start showing up missing. Dudes were showing up in flip-flops, shorts, levi’s, “50 cent” t-shirts, flower print hats (no helmets), garden gloves, on and on and on. We gave them a Motorola base station. 15 radios, batteries charger 30 extra batteries and Dan Shewie and myself built a 40 ft antenna mast. One day while training I noticed soldiers were yelling instead of calling out. “Bruka 2#!! This is Bruka 1# !! Can confirm over? “ (pronounced b r- o o- k a),  then it would repeat!  wtf? “ Dude! Where’s your batteries? Why are you yelling?” “Mister,”  (picking his nose) “ Mister,”  (look at him, look at it)… “We don’t have the charger for batteries!” (rolls it round on his forefinger and thumb).. “Mister, I pray you give me more batteries!” (flicks it), “ please!”  :/

On and on and on.

America has been funding these non-profit organizations for decades and nothing comes out of it. Nothing. By the end of the four month trip, the water buffalo, 400 gallon water trailer, was gone! Amongst all their clothing equipment, tools, power, chow hall, truck, (a Toyota Hilux 4 door with four wheel drive),  all of it! Was gone! Next year we’ll do it again. Kenya: we build a bridge and fix the huge water pump that’s been broken for years. 3 month trip.  Come back, Almost nothing left of the bridge. They removed everything except planks to drive across the water. Arches, supports, bolts, everything. They took the parts we purchased to fix the pump house. We had to find a mechanic and buy all that s*** again :/   Gone.

As we were leaving? Their tears of pain and hands out looking for more. These s*** heads coming across the border are human locust. When there’s nothing left to get for free? They’ll go back? Now that the invasion is affecting black communities it’s a problem! America is about to fall. This administration is running money through Ukraine and giving it to the elites. This government doesn’t give a f*** about the people. Your vote won’t count and they’ll cheat the vote again! What can you do?

I’ll tell you.

1700 to 1800’s, men and women got together to form information auxiliary elements, support units.  Know your neighbors!  Who do you really know? Get on your horse, ride to the next farm. Find out what they know. Get their mailboxes and ride to the next. Get some info, get some more info, pass off notes, repair some clothing, engines, gardens, move on, meet up with others. Inform another support group. On and on!

87,000 IRS agents? Can you spell KGB Don’t trust nonprofits, government and strange people with your back, Carry Your knife. We are at a time in our lives when a new world order is trying to emerge. I don’t do theories or hearsay. I know the truth. Psalm 91, “A thousand will fall by your side 10,000 at your feet, but None shall touch you!  your eyes only will observe the reward of the wicked. Stand fast! For the armor of God will protect you! “

Jeff McKellop,

Political prisoner

Jeffrey McKellop

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