One and all.
We are at a tipping point. Our political party. “Our Political Party.” Yeah…
They talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk.
We had that clown shoe wearing sissy McCarthy who stood before the eyes of the world! Tied his shirt into a knot, pranced around the podium. With his hands/elbows cocked up and bend forward around his chest(“Oh they don’t want me, I’m the best, they don’t understand my Pronouns, I’m Binary neutral, and Identify with a stick.”( Not sure if he really said that, but it’s funny any way.)), bunny hopped around like a fuzzy rabbit, made a mockery of the United States. Oh, look at me, I have a gavel, I’m pounding it on this stand like my junk!!!
We have people that don’t stand for anything! Take sides with the subversive actions of the opposing force! Hello! Can you say, ” Sold their souls to the Devil?”
Now it the time for America to take a stand. If you allow this moment to pass you by, there’ll never be another. Next time you make a decision to take a stand, you will be on your knees. You’d better grab the play book some people are using, and use it for your self.
This administration has removed everything I’ve ever owned. They’ve removed me from the face of the earth. I have nothing, Money, ID, Home, Clothing, Travel means. All of it’s gone. For what?
So Hunter can cry and moan about Spending 1.5 Million on Professional call women, and Illegal drug use? In one year!?
Where are you America? Where’s the America I went to war for? When you called me, I went! With out hesitation!
Who stood over the wall of freedom when others cowered under the blanket of protection our fore fathers, family, and friends died for? Where are you? All is almost lost! Waking up isn’t going to do it. You need to get dressed and get into the fight! If you can’t fight, then help some one that can.
“Ask not what your country can do for you. But what you can do for it!!” John F. Kennedy
The Truth is Bit#$ Slapping you. How much more can you take, before you take a stand and protect your family?
Bidenomics is hitting home here in the jail facility. I’ve been reduced in my “Laundry Service Payments. I went from, $31.50, to $21.50 a month. I have to stretch my expenses now. Even further. Guess I’m paying my “Fair Share.”
🙁 They want me to do more laundry, and work more hours?
I will not bend the knee to spunk ridden clothing any more. I’m throwing down my fabric softner and powder detergent!!!
Jeff Mckellop
Political Prisoner

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1000 days.

Jeff McKellop, Green Beret

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