040724 15:34            PART 3

As stated before many times.  I’ve tried to tell people about some of the things that where happening to us.  No one looked on me, came by, only blamed me for the actions of the staff.  We’ve had five Congress Men and Women come to visit our cell block.  

   Before their arrival?  Huge amounts of employee’s would flood the cell block, fixing and repairing anything and everything. Spray disinfectant and wait for their arrival.  I pulled, Louis Gomer and Margery Taylor Green aside and tried to give them a message of names and actions of the staff, and the abuse that was happening.  They wouldn’t take the message.  

  I’m not going to stop writing.  I’m going to tell every one I can about what happen on J6.  I can document, and point out actions of undercover actors and agents in the crowd.  I written countless times about these events.  No one’s looking.  

  If I’m to get 20-50 years for my actions?  Then I’m going out fighting.  

  My name is Jeff Mckellop:  20 years US Army, Special Forces, ODA 394/395, Eight years US Contractor for the State and   Agency. Father of two wonderful children, Davis, and Paige. 

  Neve been arrested, Held Clearence for decades, laid my life on the line for freedom, so that others may live free?   

  What a waste of time.   



  Jeff Mckellop  Homeless VET.


  FMC Ft. Worth

  Box 15330

  FMC Ft Worth Tx 76119


 Judge Carl J. Nichols.  “It doesn’t matter what any one says.  He’s not going any where.”  Bond denied.