01 / 10 / 24


Once again.
This will be the most historic election in American History. If we don’t vote now? You will never vote again. If the opposition wins? There won’t be another election. You will feel like your casting a vote. The Government will explain that you don’t understand how to vote and change your vote for you.
If this Boarder/Immigration/Invasion/Illegal Crossing doesn’t stop, and get some sort of control(like shut the boarder down)? America will fall within the next two years. When spring comes? It’s going to be game on!
We(America) will see twice as many illegal immigrants per month. We’re now up to, 301K per month coming across.
This Administration is creating the complete cleansing of America.
Do you think these clowns will stand for the National Anthem? Celebrate fourth of July? Presidents day? Any national holiday? Nope!
Why should you force some one who isn’t from here to honor American History? That’s discrimination! IT’s not their issue. Don’t worry about American History in school any more. Why should you? We’re hiring instructors to translate information to the masses coming across the boarder. Translate what ever they want.
Obama: “It’s not them you have to worry about speaking English. It’s you that has to worry about speaking Spanish.”
The government is allowing -Still- the systematic removal of all and any icons, statues, names, places, and events that lead or explain American History. Blaming it on Racial Discrimination/Slavery/DEI/White Supremacy/ Republicans.
How will you ever learn about history if you remove it? – Hold back one to raise another.- California is allowing free medical and welfare to any/all immigrants. Who’s paying for it? Why should I work when I can get the money for free? Oh, but it’s not happening to me…….
‘” I need my Minimum wage raised! How am I suppose to support my five illegitimate children’s?”
This is going to be the greatest Election in American History!
Better start thinking about long term survival. Getting a BB Gun to shoot your neighbors Chickens when they jump the fence. Or turn them into dinner. 🙂
Jeff Mckellop
Political Prisoner

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1031 days.

Jeff McKellop

Ranger, Green Beret,

US Army Ret.

J6 Political Hostage

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