While we should rejoice that a J6er is not going to prison, the idea of equal justice under the law comes to mind. The story of Ray Epps has been in the news from the very beginning and has been looked at with suspicion from a wide variety of people. He has been defended by the fake J6 Committee and by the media. That and of itself should give us pause considering the media’s constant lies and hyperboles concerning all J6ers. Why? It took two years for the famous guy with a red hat and a tan coat who encouraged people on January 5th to go INTO the Capitol and was rebuked by the crowd as they shouted “fed, fed” to be charged with a single misdemeanor, a far cry from what many other J6 defendants were slapped with. These other J6 defendants received a very different treatment for simply walking up to the front of the Capitol or entering the building invited by the police or not being stopped by the police. There are too many cases to cite but a few come to mind:

  • Chris Price got 45 days of incarceration by same judge as Ray Epps for entering the building. Chris who has stage 4 cancer is soon to be surrendering himself despite the unsuccessful plea from his lawyer to allow him to serve his time in home detention, so his cancer treatment is not interrupted. Cynthia Price, his wife and his caregiver got 4 months and will soon have to surrender.
  • Tracy Ager is currently serving 7 months at FCI Seagoville, TX while a police officer actually told him “Go in, go out” (see video below).
  • Isaac Yoder, the father of three little kids, got 1 year for entering the building and talking to a very frightened and defenseless police officer. (see photo below).
  • Jorge Riley, a disabled Army veteran and father to several small children, was sentenced to 18 months in prison, with 24 months of supervised release and a $2000 restitution fine for entering the capitol through open doors. Jorge helped keep other patriots safe inside the capitol and was not violent.
  • Daniel Goodwyn, a citizen journalist working for stophate.com entered the Capitol for a mere 40 seconds as seen on Tucker Calson’s show and received a sentence of 60 days of incarceration (see video below). stophate.com is the repository of a throve of important information they have gathered since January 6th 2021. The site among other many things contains the links to important documentaries.

Not only did Ray Epps encouraged people to go into the Capitol, but Ray Epps was also part of a crowd that pushed/touched a large metal blue Trump Flag. Steve Horn and others documented the flag situation (https://twitter.com/stephenehorn/status/1509238088224100364). Incidentally, Steve Horn, an independent journalist, was himself charged and sentenced to 12 months of probation, a $2k fine, and 90 hours community service.

  • Brad Smith received a felony assault charge for touching that huge trump sign for 7 seconds and was sentenced to 41 months. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/mother-cries-help-young-son-charles-smith-locked/
  • Marshall Neefe was sentenced to 41 months in prison and 36 months of incarceration, ordered to pay a special assessment of $100 on each count as well as $2,000 restitution.
  • Thomas Hamner, the father of several young children, was sentenced to 30 months of incarceration with credit for time served, 36 months of supervised release, a $100 special assessment and $2,000 restitution.
  • Sean McHugh, the father of a teenage son and step father of three other children, was sentenced to 6 1/2 of prison. He stumbled and touched the flag while trying to help his mother. See articles here and here.
  • Howard Richardson, a veteran, was sentenced to 46 months of incarceration with credit for time served, 36 months of supervised release, and a $100 special assessment.
  • Alan Byerly was sentenced to 34 months of incarceration, 36 months of supervised release, and a $125 of special assessment fee.
  • Jose Padilla was sentenced to 78 months in prison, with credit for time served, 24 months of probation, $820 in special assessments and $820 in restitution.
  • Isaac Sturgeon was sentenced to 6 years of incarceration for staying quietly outside and being pushed down the steps with a barricade. Videos provide evidence that should have been taken into consideration.

We have not been able to find the names of potential other defendants arrested concerning the blue flag incident, but we suspect that a number of others also were charged by the DOJ and received much larger sentences than Ray Epps.

The other place where Ray Epps is seen on January 6th is during the initial breach where he whispered to Ryan Samsel. This is well documented especially in the new FREE documentary the True Timeline that can be accessed at open.ink/j6.

Considering the many video recordings of the whereabouts of Mr. Ray Epps on January 5th and January 6th and the very different charges and sentencing of multiple J6ERS, it is no wonder J6ers and their families, their supporters, and any fair-minded person would express their outrage at the lenient sentence and the special treatment Ray Epps has received from the J6 committee and the Biden Administration allies found in the Media.

We are confident that the full truth regarding the events of January 6th will become widely known, reaching even the Democratic constituency. In retrospect, the actions of the current Department of Justice will be seen as a miscarriage of justiceā€”a regrettable stain on the history of a nation once celebrated as the Land of the Free.

There are too many reactions posted in the wake of Ray Epps’s sentencing to cite here, so please, forgive us if we missed yours.


This video shows Isaac Sturgeon when he spoke to the officer next to him and said, “People are dying down there you need to do something!”

A peaceful crowd!