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Hi Mrs. Lori,

I just received your letter dated July 14th. That was pretty fast. I’ve missed you and think about you and what you might be up to. So first I want to tell you I’m always greatly encouraged by your letters. The way you share openly and honestly with care and compassion. That thru your writing someone else may be helped. It’s truly a selfless act of kindness. I’m always very appreciative of the message you share. You talking about your dad surely reminds me of my mom and grandmother so thank you for that. So as of late, I’m still being held in what they are calling “hold over” meaning I’m waiting for a bed to open up at Allenwood Medium Facility. Long story short I’m in the hole and it sucks. But I guess this is just part of it. I’ve been here for 22 days now. I’m keeping my spirits up, reading a lot and staying in the Bible and praying. Most days I get an hour or two out of my cell and it barely gives me enough time to call mom and shower. But I don’t think it will be much longer and I should get moved. At the end of your letter you were talking about fire flys, I saw the same the other night for the first time in many years. I was thinking to myself why this was, why haven’t I seen any in so long? Because I wasn’t looking, I’m grateful today I’m able to see God’s bounty even from inside these walls. Mrs. Lori, always with love and hugs.

Semper Fi
James Mcgrew

P.S. Tell Mr. Ken I said hi, can’t wait to cook out and eat gumbo.

❤️My 2nd Mom

James McGrew

📬 James McGrew
# 47792-509
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 2000
White Deer, PA 17887

🎂 2/5 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 819 days.
including remaining serving time for 216 days.