God bless you! Thanks for the scriptural insights! The truth will set us free…eventually! Awake, oh sleeper! Isaiah 9:2, 60:1, Ephesians 5:14, Proverbs 1:20–33, 2 Chronicles 7:14.
I wonder if Stalin was a puppet too, like Joe Biden – who clearly is not running this country. In addition to Geoff Shough and me, here we also have Roberto Minuta and Grady Owens (whose father is at the Ft. Worth medical facility). These men are innocent – political hostages!

I’ve learned that Doritos can be crumbled and used to season the bland prison meals (which they called “chow”).

My mom, Marie, works with the American Gulag Chronicles and Letters from Prison book, and the Patriot Mail Project. I’m so proud of her!

My boss David Sumrall at has done more for us J6rs than anyone I know of. We put out 2 documentaries and I’m excited to announce that our 3rd one is coming out in September soon after I get out of prison (before the end of August). Today is August 3, 2023.
—Righting History 2021
—Bloody Hill 2022
—True Timeline (coming soon!) 2023

God bless,

Note: Daniel Goodwyn was released on Friday August 25th.

Daniel Goodwyn

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🎂 11/18 🎂

Has been released or finished sentence.