Dear Barbara

Got your letter & thank you for staying in touch. You need to note that “they“ are sitting on my letters, again. It’s ridiculous! Yours was postmarked on 10/5/23 & received 11/20. So I know they are sitting on my mail, normally it’s five days. I had others, same scenario!! So I’m sorry that you sent a letter in the 1st week of October, your response will not be received until the 1st week of December if you want to complain, feel free to call here & do so. I’ll (will?) be talking to “them“ real soon! Hey back to the letter, (well?) yes Mr. Kennedy has conviction & he knows Biden is cooked, done. Here’s a thought he could run as trumps VP. Plenty of Dems would vote for Trump!! Either way it’s Trump 2024! The only reason to vote for Biden, is in the house & the Senate is to impeach him! Either that or he steps down & it will happen soon! The evidence is overwhelming, has anyone ever been this guilty!! The RINOs need to get out of the way. Speaker Mike Johnson will get the job done. I’m glad to hear you’re well informed and figured as much! Reading your biography, so you adopted 2 children, I think that’s quite noble & also very loving! So now you’re living with all & her husband. That has a nice ring to it. You took her and & now she has taken you in. You raised her right! Sounds like you & your husband were quite the travelers. I’m curious why there, it’s a continent, I & really most others know little about. Was South America your main point/interest because of all the travel your family did when you were younger. Just curious.

The last paragraph is interesting, mostly because I did ask God, why am I here. After 3 or 4 times of getting the same answer. It was clear to me that he wanted me to talk about God, not necessarily preach but to inject/include God & Jesus into conversations, Bible study, giving thanks to the promises, gifts & answers to prayer of God. All that & more has happened, much more! Just being a go-to person & trustworthy to many here has brought/drawn many to a place that most have never been at. Or maybe they only heard about believers & knew only what others had told them! Of course being here has expanded my understanding & my direction for me. Before all this I had spoken before many groups of us sizes. Now I have even more that needs to be said! I’m more excited about my future than ever! It’s peculiar & frankly somewhat astounding my energy & health have been on a high level but my mental capabilities are almost incomprehensible. My memory is extraordinary, my ability to calculate is better than ever. My vocabulary is expanded & exact! Many have come to me with all kinds of questions from explaining legal terms & definitions to how to do intricate healthcare & procedures.

So with all that I have formulated several plans for myself. I’ve always had an affinity for options. God will direct me. As far as books, nothing particularly is on my horizon. Have had plenty of good reading.

As all these come together, I feel more capable, energized & genuinely excited about what’s ahead. God has blessed me and & directed me in ways (?unsure) before. I feel like a racehorse coming up to the gate eagerly awaiting & anticipating the race.

May God bless you

Write soon
Hey Barbara never asked are you writing to other J6r‘s?

Howard Richardson

📬 Howard Richardson
FCI Schuylkill
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 759
Minersville, PA 17954

🎂 7/8 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 559 days.

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