Dear Barbara Levich,

Thank you for writing and for the happy birthday letter. They let me use a tablet where I can view your letter as an email, but I have to pay money to use the tablet longer than 15 minutes. It seems illegal and I find it very annoying. I have not fully read your letter yet, but I did notice some Mennonites and Amish writings and a reference to help poetic a certain verse is when it is red and Greek.
I “caught chain” (as they say) and rode to Pennsylvania, flew to Oklahoma and after 3 or 4 days road to Texas. In Oklahoma I refused to take the Covid test and was locked in a Pittsfield closet for five hours. It was an excellent opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with the garbage. I was also celebrating the feast of unleavened bread on Passover (as best I could).

Now I am in limestone detention Center, with a small pod of paisa (or Mexicans). I work on my art and learn Spanish. I am really out of shape so I am working out and trying to watch what I eat. The food is much better here and the staff is more respectful. The phones are more expensive and I share a toilet with 14 guys.

I hope this letter finds you doing well. God bless and keep you and yours✝️

Garrett Miller

His art:
A mask “LIES” 😷

Life in Christ (a rose blooming)

Death in sin (a skull)

Romans 6
an origami dove and cross✝️

Garret Miller

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