Dear Barbara,

Thank you for writing to me again. I am grateful that you are happy to receive my letters. The mailing list is a wonderful thing and I am sure that I speak for all of the patriots on the list when I say that it is very moving to get so many kind messages from so many great Americans. And no matter how much they do to me they will never shut me up or dilute my resolve to protest what I know are grave injustices. Like a stolen election, an out of control federal government, a treasonous “intelligence” community, a dishonest and morally bankrupt “news” media, an environment in which big business, big tech, Hollywood, pro sports, academia and so many others fall in line behind a corrupt establishment based in the swamp that is our capital city. I will always fight where I see unfair, unequal, unjust and down right wrong going on. I have not read (nor have I heard of) the return of the gods. But I am in full agreement that our country collectively has turned from God and is being devoured by satan whose symbols and influence are present all around us all the time. Many are blind to this but if you know what to look for, what satanic symbolism is and if God has opened your eyes to the truth you will see the symbols of Satan in everything tv, movies, music, corporate logos, etc, etc. I do read a lot and would be interested in reading the book if you say it is worth reading. And yes I am allowed to receive books if they come from amazon. So thank you, that is a very generous offer and I am appreciative not just for that but for all that you are doing. You are a good person, a true patriot and someone that I am proud to call a friend. Thank you again for the letters and for all of the literature that accompanied your letter. Much of it spoke to me and I was/am grateful for the messages contained there in. Your letters are a bright spot in what can, at times, be a dark day. Until next time may the Lord God bless and keep you.

-Joshua Dillion Haynes

Joshua Haynes

📬 Joshua Haynes
FCI Hazelton
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Has been serving sentence for 109 days.