David Marshall 53396-509


2680 highway 301 South

Jesup Georgia 31599

Saturday 10:21/23 1255 p.m.

Hi Lydia!

Thank you so much for sending your newsletter. It was very interesting! It is a joy to receive mail behind the razor wire. I passed my first birthday this month away from my family since I was taking prisoner. It buoys my spirit to receive mail. The Lord is with me, he is a great comfort; his promises and his spirit. In fact, there is a spark of revival in our nightly prayer group. Prayers are being answered, hearts are expressing faith, and we are all encouraged.

There are two other Jan sixers here with me. It is all good! We are mutually encouraged. We pray every night for deliverance. I included an update I wrote for my wife to post and send out by email. If you would like to get updates on me and my family, go to www.godisspeaking.net and scroll down to the bottom. Click on subscribe to our newsletter. That website has a lot of my sermons and articles. I used to be a Christian missionary / evangelist. And I continue to minister here as a prisoner. Pray for me!

They sentenced me to 3 years, but God will deliver me early. I will not give up on his promises. And “remember my chains” ( Colossians 4:18 )

Thank you again for writing! It’s a joy to receive mail here.


David Moerschel

P.S my wife set up a donation page at www.givesendgo.com

just search my name to find it.

 David Moerschel

📬 David Moerschel
FCI Jesup
Federal Correctional Institution
2680 301 South
Jesup, GA 31599

🎂 10/13 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 269 days.

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