“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 11.4: The Federal Courthouse; Washington, DC

–The “OathKeeper 1” Trial: The Defense Case In Chief Part 4–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Courtroom Transcripts, Evidentiary Exhibits, Court Documents and Testimony.

With the events of trial in flux, MY Case In Chief ended up being next presented, and Kelly Meggs was bumped to last. After the lackluster testimony by Stewart and Tom, I had decided pretty definitively that I wanted to testify. But first, a bit about the way testifying generally works. For all witnesses, the testimony needs to be scheduled in advance. Subpoenas are issued, travel vouchers, food and housing are all provided. This is true for all who testify, either for the Government or the Defense; the logistics of this must all be calculated. It factors into the length of the trial. The Judge and attorneys must try to stick to a regimented schedule because they have other cases to consider. There are other motions on the docket, other hearings, and so on. By nature, Judges are busy men and women (or -I suppose- potentially a busy cat Judge with fourteen genders. After all, who am I to define zhyr’s reality? lmao!) Anyway, you get the idea. Everything needs to be scheduled because Judges have a full docket; each of the witnesses are planned for. But, the rules of trial state that a Defendant can testify on their own behalf at any point during their Case In Chief, WITHOUT advanced warning. It IS unusual and uncommon, but it is completely legal. My attorney was still unconvinced that I would need to testify, but I was growing increasingly uneasy with the way our Defense was headed. I knew I was innocent, I had witnessed the Government telling lie after lie (just the bullet points of these lies filled 3 full pages in my Trial notes) and I wanted to set the record straight. My Case In Chief had several witnesses slated; my wonderful Husband @MontanaSiniff; a friend of mine named Brendyn who was a member from my Militia group; an FBI Agent was testifying on my behalf (yeah, you heard THAT right!); and… well, probably also me (although we kept that possibility secret for the time being).

If I recall properly, my husband went first (it’s hard to remember 2.5 months of boring Court stuff chronologically). When Montana took the stand, he laid it all out; I had no intentions of attending the January 6th Rally. I had a broken arm and ribs at the time. I had never spoken about the Certification and certainly did not plot to obstruct it. If I remember correctly, he talked about how I had become disgruntled with Stewart Rhodes’ leadership of the OathKeepers. Then he discussed how our “Basic Training” was cancelled so I could attend the J6 Rally. The lies were being exposed fast and furious, and next was the flag that the Government tried to peddle off as an “Oathkeeper Flag”. My attorney entered my Ranger Flag into evidence, dramatically opening the flag to show to the Jury. He explained that I was an Army Ranger, and that my history of serving in a Ranger Battalion. He explained that the BB Guns (Airsoft) that the Government claimed was a “stockpile of weapons” was actually nonfunctional toy guns. His testimony wasn’t horribly tantalizing; Montana wasn’t AT the Capitol on January 6th, he stayed behind to run our business. Montana’s testimony was VERY important though, because it exposed a LOT of the Government’s lies. He closed his testimony by showing that the Government also lied that I was “hiding from Law Enforcement” by going to Tom’s house. He showed that the Media had been harassing me. He explained that I DID in fact leave all my equipment, phone, and everything for Law Enforcement, should they need it for any Investigation. He explained that when the raid on our home occurred, that I immediately surrendered myself to the authorities. Everything the Government had said was a lie, an obfuscation, and a scam. Next up was Brendyn. He was a friend of ours; his wife often helped us at my bar. He too would show that the Government had been lying at every step through our trial.

Brendyn had joined my militia after George Floyd was killed, and had gone to Louisville with me and Montana when the “Not F***ing Around Coalition” came to hold the city hostage. He discussed that I was very concerned about injuries were being inflicted on Police Officers; that I wanted to protect property and help the injured. He had also attended the Trucker for Trump Rally that we followed to protect, after a shooter had fired shots in the Truckers for Trump Rally the previous day. Then he also discussed the “Basic Training” even I had scheduled, confirming that I had done so LONG BEFORE January 6th; that I had scheduled it in September for Clifton Gorge. Then he showed that I had rescheduled it yet again for January 3rd – 9th (in Ohio). I had to cancel THAT training last minute so I could go to the J6 Rally to serve on the Protective Details. He discussed that I had formed my group to focus heavily on Natural Disaster response, stating that “…Jessica was very concerned about riots if Trump was reelected, and was very animated about responding to tornados and such; which she found very important. But that aspect didn’t interest me as much…” (more or less verbatim). I didn’t form a militia and recruit people to stop the Certification of the Election; not even close. I formed it a year or more before J6; to serve my community, assist Police, and respond to Natural Disasters. His testimony also wasn’t very tantalizing, but it also showed one important factor: again, the Government had lied ad infinitum. He showed the truth behind everything; all of which was easily provable. After all, I DID say all of this in texts and Facebook messages long before the election. Yeah. That’s right. The Government couldn’t swing a dead cat in my messages without hitting evidence that proved me innocent. So, they just refused to show it, opting to tell lies instead. Or worse yet, they decided to craft “evidence”.

Next to testify on my behalf was a member of the FBI; a cell phone data analyst. Remember when I told you that the Government invented evidence out of thin air? Yeah. That! Let’s go back to the Government’s Case in Chief. I knew my Discovery (evidence) inside and out, having spent (likely) HUNDREDS of hours reviewing it. I think the Government didn’t count on me being so knowledgeable. It even slipped past my attorney’s radar. But not me! As soon as they introduced the “Evidence”, I spotted it right away. The Prosecution put an FBI Agent on the witness stand (I believe Agent Palian). He swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Then he immediately lied. The Prosecution asked him “Is this an accurate representation of Ms. Watkins’ Call Log?”, and the FBI Agent said “That’s correct”. Then the Prosecution asked him “…and is this evidence to support that Ms. Watkins was actively coordinating a strike on the Capitol?” and he said “Yes, that comports to this evidence”. The problem is, they were using a completely phony Call Log! This wasn’t real evidence AT ALL! I practically jumped up yelling “LIAR!”, jabbing my finger angrily at the Prosecutor. My paralegal (Liz) rushed over to me, to see why I was causing a scene. I explained to her that they were entering false evidence on the record; that the Government’s had introduced a fake “spreadsheet” of my phone calls! She brought me her laptop which had my Discovery on it – and lo and behold, yep! The Government was guilty as hell! (what do you think would happen to ME if I had falsified documents and then conspired to commit perjury?). Yet, that’s precisely what they had done… and precisely why we had to subpoena an FBI witness to prove precisely what they had done. We needed to prove that our Prosecutors were dirty, and so we did.

The Government had created this document by copy/pasting my phone calls (duplicating them), changing the timestamps to “fit” the timeframe of events occurring on January 6th. I remind you that when Tom called my phone, it didn’t connect because the cell towers were overloaded. On MY Call Log – it showed as a “Missed Call”. On Tom’s Call Log – it showed as a 0:26 second call. Why? His call had gone straight to my voicemail. So the government made a copy of my Call Log, changed timestamps, then took the “Time Duration” from Tom’s Call Log using HIS timestamp, and then inserted it into the phony version of MY Call Log. This is the definitive fingerprint, that shows the Government deliberately fabricated evidence. Then they used the fake Call Log to claim that it was PROOF that I had “…coordinated a strike on the Capitol”. The problem was. There were NO phone calls! This is what my FBI witness was there to prove; that the evidence used by the Government was completely fake. The Government INSTANTLY realized that “we were on to them”, they knew EXACTLY what they had done, and yelled “OBJECTION, Your Honor!” and then DEMANDED that we show ONLY the raw data – from the phone itself. My Judge played ball, and went with the Government’s charade. But, my attorney was undaunted, The game was rigged, but if they wanted to play that game, so be it. It was merely a ploy to delay things; to bore our Jury to tears, so that when we finally showed the Jury the evidence, they wouldn’t care anymore. It took 15 mind-numbing, awkward boring minutes to spool up the raw data. But, we did. And we proved it: the Government fabricated evidence and committed perjury to back it up. Our FBI analyst confirmed “The Government’s exhibit is a falsification.” Her testimony was DAMNING! The Feds got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Next up was the riskiest maneuver yet. But, I was determined; I was going to testify myself… and nobody knew about it but me and my attorney.