David Moerschel

October 16, 2023

TITLE: 2 months a prisoner

BODY: 10 16 2023  / Jessup Georgia prison.

Today marks 2 months since I was taken prisoner, In general I’m blessed to be at this prison compared with others. I do not want to complain but the reality is still harsh.

Losing weight;  I hardly recognize myself. The food is much better than other prisons but wholly lacking in nutrition. It’s hardly sufficient to stain any normal (high) activity level. I was already thin, but now I am reaching muscle loss.

Insufficient clothing:  I’ve been cold since I got here. I mean shivering cold! I lived in South Florida, where it’s hot almost all year. I can’t get warm here. They’re not giving us jackets, though it’s 40° F in the morning. I can’t buy warm clothes because of prison imposed restrictions.

Sleeping restrictions: over the last 4 weeks I’ve only been allowed to spend $25 total at the store. ($6.25 a week). That’s barely enough to buy coffee. And the new Warden just imposed new shopping restrictions for the next two weeks of $25 a week. A pair of sweat pants is $23. I can’t buy food and clothing I need. I really need prayer to remain healthy.

Emotionally evisceration: my wife and three small children visited me recently for my birthday. It was so nice to hug and kiss them again. Watching them leave was emotionally eviscerating. I completely broke down after they left. (It’s hard to write about it days later!)

Guys pray for me. I have it better than a lot of prisoners I know but I confess I need more prayer support. So does my wife. She came up really short on funds to pay bills last month.

David Moerschel

Political Prisoner

 David Moerschel

📬 David Moerschel
FCI Jesup
Federal Correctional Institution
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Has been serving sentence for 269 days.

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