Chris Quaglin

October 02, 2023

Dear Chris,

Liberty or death did you say? Well, after another j6er drew this up I knew that the only one deserving of it was you. How are you my friend? I hope school is treating you okay. No more masks since our savior Joe Biden has ended his coved pandemic. Ha ha! I am finally getting some real gluten-free food here. The judge finally put a court order in ( that was about 2 years too late).  Did you see the final (for now) America’s path in the American Gulag book? It’s towards the end. Thank you for sharing it! You are the beacon of light!  All of us are. It’s up to us to show others that America can be great again! It’s up to all of us to rebuild her path.

This pod of patriots is pretty good. A couple bad apples left. It seems to be a pretty good bunch of guys. I have trial in July. July 10th! My third and final lawyer is pretty awesome. I spent another $100,000 on another lawyer that never even looked at my discovery. The jail and government refused to allow me to view camera footage. The judge says “it’s not my right to view”. He said “that’s what you paid a lawyer for.”  It’s absurd. It’s 100% Un-American. By the way, I did get one letter but I was up and down with a lot of stuff. It’s hard in here. Now that I got my Discovery I am viewing it 24/7. Trying to learn how to be a lawyer. I’m so grateful that you still write me. I thank you for that. Eventually when this is all over I will take a trip down to you and say hello. I want to let you know how much your letters mean to me.

Your friend,

Chris Quaglin

Chris Quaglin

📬 Chris Quaglin
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 D St. SE
Washington DC 20003

Incarcerated since 4/7/2021
or 1053 days.

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