How does one preserve their sanity amidst the challenges of prison life? While some correctional facilities offer jobs and educational programs, the DC Gulag, where Watkins served time, provided minimal opportunities. Despite the limitations, Watkins turned to writing as a means of coping during and after this infamous incarceration. Acknowledged as perhaps the most prolific writer among the J6ers, Watkins’ continuous output has left a lasting impact. Supporters can attest to the substantial volume of mail they have received from this renowned Oath Keeper. Watkins was handed an 8 1/2-year sentence on May 26, 2023, yet subsequent revelations, including evidence presented by Steve Baker, cast serious doubts on the fairness of the Oath Keepers’ sentences. Baker exposed perjury by law enforcement officers Dunn and Samuel Lazarus. The trial in DC, known for its predetermined outcome of “GUILTY,” is criticized for its apparent bias, with a jury, judge, prosecutors, and public defenders more assuredly influenced by political leanings.

Below are the first 7 parts of this story – “What Really Happened.”

Gulag This! “What Really Happened…”

Part 1 2020: An American Nightmare

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony

I have decided to just lay it all out and take what you will from what I have to say. This is what really happened to me, in the leadup to January 6th and on that fateful day. Everything I say here can be proven with texts, call logs, emails, video/audio, court documents and testimony. I cannot lie about these things, not even a little bit. It all was exposed in Evidence via Discovery or in a Court of Law, so lying to you would be easily disproven anyway. So don’t even try to call me a liar. I can back it all up. If I can’t remember something perfectly, I will say so with an [I think]. If I have a perception to offer, I will CLEARLY differentiate between PERCEPTIONS/INFERRENCES and FACTS. Anything that is my own perception I will make obvious, so as to avoid confusion. I will do so like this:

**OPINION** <It is my view that X, Y, and Z happened, because A, B, and C shows this in the evidence>

I will do this to make it clear where FACT is easily shown, and PERCEPTION can be inferred.

This is the True Story on how I ended up at the US Capitol as an OathKeeper on January 6th, 2021.

The Beginning (commentary):

2020 was a nightmare for America. I am sure you remember all too well. After COVID hit, the country lost its collective mind; Governors shut down their States (Unconstitutionally), people were arrested for not wearing masks, small businesses were shuttered while Big Box stores and Amazon flourished. Phones were tracked and traced. People missed out on funerals and weddings and school. Children suffered badly; living in terror as they were isolated. To say that State governments became tyrannical is an understatement. We were all nearly in a state of martial law. The streets were empty. Tales of death were amplified as fear was projected into every TV and cell phone. People were isolated, hiding in their homes as the cities became ghost towns. This was true for almost everyone. Everyone but the Black Lives Matter/Antifa crowd. They were allowed to take to the streets, their surgical masks providing perfect facial concealment as they burned America to the ground. It was practically a full fledged, government sanctioned, Communist Revolution. It was nearly a civil war; waged along political lines by the citizens, while our government sat back and twiddled their thumbs. Or worse, they encouraged it to continue; enflaming the public and bailing out the perpetrators.

For Conservatives out there, those who listened to @MarkLevin, @GlennBeck, @DanBongino and FOX News were outraged at the violence, frothing at the mouth in your armchairs as the Mainstream Media called the riots “Mostly Peaceful”. You saw the BILLIONS of dollars in property damage, the dozens of killings, the THOUSANDS of Police Officers being injured. You saw Autonomous Zones being established (Google the statute for Seditious Conspiracy). You saw the Democrats, FBI and endless Police Departments taking a knee for George Floyd while violence was waged against the American people who refused to submit. Bystanders like Jessica Doty were SHOT… murdered… for not bending the knee. She was a mother of two that was shot and killed for saying “All Lives Matter”. You may not remember her name, but I do, even to this day. So, where were YOU during the riots? Complaining to your spouse? Online, posting memes? For the Libbies that follow me, I can bet that some went out there and committed vandalism, assault, and larceny (looting). You certainly encouraged others to do so, justifying the violence in the name of “reform”.

I can tell you where I was. I was in full gear, standing at the center of the chaos, out in the street, supporting Law Enforcement and providing medical attention to the injured. I am a woman of action, and I put my money where my mouth is. I don’t b**** and moan. I put on my boots. I am an Afghanistan veteran. An Army Ranger. Airborne Infantry. A Firefighter/EMT. When my country is in distress, I respond. It’s go time. I am a STAUNCH Constitutionalist. I support PEACEFUL protest. I am sickened by what happened to George Floyd and Breyonna Taylor. Some may disagree, but I consider them tragedies, both. But that DOES NOT JUSTIFY violence against Police. It DOES NOT JUSTIFY looting, assaults, and murder. Period. So, I did what most of you wouldn’t. I grabbed my Medical equipment, my video camera and drone, and my defensive equipment (helmet, body armor, and *typically* a sidearm) and I went to the street. My text messages/videos will show my clearly articulated objectives: to assist Law Enforcement in documenting crimes, defending peaceful people and bystanders from assault, protecting businesses, and providing medical attention to ANYONE (yes, even the BLM folks) that were injured. My wonderful husband (@montanasiniff) was there with me, every step of the way. Why? Because we love America, ALL of America. Left, Right and Center. We may talk s*** about the Libbies, but really, we even love you American idiots [emphasis added].

Gulag This! “What Really Happened…”

Part 2 – The Riot

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Texts, Emails, Call Logs, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

The date was [I think] May 25th, 2020. George Floyd had just been killed, and America was on fire. Riots spread across the country like literal wildfire… including in my hometown of Columbus, OH. My husband (@montanasiniff) and I put on our gear, grabbed our Medical equipment and took to the streets. Our plan? Find where the protests/riots are, and help anyone (Police, Bystanders or Protesters) however we could. The two of us drove downtown, following the Police strobes, helicopters, graffiti and random pallets of bricks on the sidewalks… until we found the riot line. We turned into a Parking Garage, drove an upper level and geared up. The booms of explosives echoed down the streets, and shots from the Police line rang out. We stepped out into the throngs… all walking in the direction of the conflict. People looked at our body armor/helmets and asked us “Are you National Guard?” We’d just say “No. We’re volunteer medics. Just here to help.” Generally, after that people were cordial and treated us with respect. After all, we were only there to help.

When we arrived, we staged ourselves between the Police line and the Protest, joining a pair of Red Cross medics. At first, everything was relatively peaceful. People threw petty objects at the Police… water bottles and such, or blocked traffic and gave Police the middle finger. Some tried to stop this, but not many. Soon though, things escalated. The first cries of “MEDIC!!!” sounded out. Montana and I took off running. People in the crowd started donning gas masks, and the Police fired “Knee Knockers”, wooden bullets the size of a golf ball. Our first patient was an innocent protester who was hit by one of these devices. The crowd became threatening. Many weapons were also being brandished: pistols, shotguns, AK-47’s. They were daring the Police to “do something” about it. More objects were thrown. We had more and more injured to treat as the day went on. Soon the street was choked with teargas, our eyes burning from the fumes. We’d back up, helping who we could. Trying to keep calm and treat the wounded. Trying to maintain order in a chaotic environment.

Soon, things were getting bad. People started looting, the crowd spun out into a riot. While I treated a 16 year old girl (her nose was broken by a stray Knee Knocker), a rioter smashed out a window behind us with a Fire Extinguisher. My poor patient ran, screaming. Montana had his face cut with flying glass. The rioter then sprayed me in the face with the Fire Extinguisher. I threw up that powder s*** for days after that. Then things started getting set on fire. An Autism Center was set on fire. The back side of Grant Hospital was burned; a tower of smoke dominating the skyline, after parked cars and a dumpster were set on fire. The rioters threw fireworks, bricks and rocks and such at the Police. Soon, the loudspeakers came out. “This has been declared an unlawful assembly, and a curfew has been declared. You must vacate the area by [I think] 8pm. Those that fail to comply may be subject to less lethal munitions, and may be subject to arrest. You have (X) minutes to comply.” This warning was repeated ad nauseum until the deadline. By then, Montana and I were gone. We did what we could, having helped roughly a dozen injured individuals in a span of mere hours. It sounds crazy, but Montana will tell you. It could have been much worse. It was certainly FAR worse than anything I witnessed on January 6th, but more on that later.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened…”

Part 3 The Summer of Love

by Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

The riot in Columbus was not the last that Montana and I would attend. Some events we attended were 100% peaceful. For instance, on the 4th of July, 2020… while you were grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, swilling beer and complaining about the state of things… Montana and I went to the (and I quote) “F*** Your 4th of July” protest. Antifa threatened to burn down the Police Precinct in Cleveland, OH. I told Montana (and I quote). “These people hate America. They want to say ‘F*** your 4th of July?’ Well, I say ‘F*** you and f*** Antifa’. I won’t waste a single Band-Aid on these people. This time, we are only going to help the cops if they get hurt.” So, we packed the car and drove to Cleveland. That event turned out so peaceful that Montana and I spent all of 10 minutes on the ground before packing up and leaving. The Police had it covered. We weren’t needed.

Another time, we attempted to attend a BLM event near our home (Urbana, OH). There, the Police took a knee for George Floyd. I’m glad we missed it. However, bad things WERE happening near our home. Outside Plains City, OH… a historic church was burned. Another time in Plains City (a Mennonite town), BLM threatened a business for having “Back the Blue” flags. We didn’t hear about those until they were over. Each occurred in rural Ohio, a mere 15 minutes from my business/home. It felt like the Communist Revolution *ahem* … I mean Justice for George Floyd riots were creeping our way. Frankly… I began to get paranoid about my own town being beset upon by raving leftist lunatics. Meanwhile, America was burning writ large; Seattle, Portland, NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Fayetteville, Baltimore, LA, Atlanta, Kenosha, Detroit, Rochester, Chicago. A list too long to recall. I am sure I missed a few. One such hotspot was Louisville, KY.

Louisville was driving distance from my home. The NFAC (the Not F**king Around Coalition) announced that they were going to Louisville, KY. Weeks prior, the NFAC (led by that idiot Grandmaster Jay) held a line of traffic hostage at gunpoint along a road near Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Police/Feds did nothing as hundreds of armed men brandished firearms in the faces of families who were just driving down the road. So when the NFAC threatened to hold Louisville hostage with 10,000 militia (if the Police involved in the death of Breyonna Taylor weren’t charged with murder) we took the threats seriously. Louisville was a mere 3-4 hours from our home. The drive was easy. The plan was to stay out of the way and document crimes for Law Enforcement. We hid on an upper level of a parking garage with (slung) rifles and video cameras, and had flares ready to guide National Guard choppers on the roof of the parking garage. It was a good damn plan. I called it “Operation Bunker Hill”. But, again the Police had it under control, again we weren’t needed and we left. Later that day, the NFAC had an accidental rifle discharge that wounded 3 of their own people (whoopsie). Of the 10,000 they claimed were coming, a mere 300-400 showed up.

These events are what led my husband and I to join the OathKeepers. I was watching @AlexJones, and saw an interview with Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the OathKeepers. He was discussing the upcoming Breyonna Taylor Indictments being unsealed. The BLM mobs were getting antsy, and the OathKeepers needed help protecting businesses from rioters. The OathKeepers had a written contract to protect businesses in downtown Louisville, KY; a gas station, a hotel, and a pair of pawn shops. Stewart posted a website during the interview and I immediately joined; explaining my experience, qualifications, proximity and availability. Minutes after I posted my info, my phone rang. It was Stewart Rhodes himself. The next day, Montana and I packed up our gear and drove once more to Louisville to help. This time, we had help. Louisville Metro Police had our backs, and we had theirs; and the plan was simple. To protect businesses that ASKED for our help. It felt GOOD to make a difference, and so once again, the Louisville skyline loomed through our windshield.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 4 4 Days of Chaos

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony

We arrived in Louisville, KY and we knew immediately that things here were more akin to the Columbus Riot, rather than the “F*** Your 4th of July” event. The entire city was boarded up. The helicopters were swirling, the city was lit with myriads of Police strobes and the streets were empty; well, if you ignore the roaming bands of Antifa idiots that were armed with rifles. Montana and I found where we were going and met up with the OathKeepers in the parking lot of the hotel they were being wary of strangers, naturally. Rightfully… as it turns out. 10 minutes after our arrival, the BLM mob (a mere 4 blocks away) shot and wounded two Police Officers working the riot line. The mob then followed the Ambulance to the hospital and threatened to burn it down. Yeah, true story. While that was going on, the OathKeepers had 30-40 folks deployed; on the roofs of the Pawn Shops/Gas Station and forming a perimeter around the hotel. Louisville Police gave us heads up when groups of the mob broke off and headed our way, and we kept a liaison informing the Police when Antifa folks that were scoping out our position or violating curfew. Sometimes Antifa tried to blind us with lasers or flashed strobe flashlights at us from the roof of an adjacent hotel. But, this was not effective. We just ducked behind barricades or behind bushes. After BLM shot the Officers, the gloves came off and the Police locked the city down HARD. The night was peaceful. Quiet.

By this point, it felt GOOD to be on the side of good. We were not there to antagonize folks. We were just helping Law Enforcement by filling in the gaps where they were overburdened; at the behest of businesses that wanted our assistance. It was a knifes edge balance, one we walked well. The next morning, we woke up and waited for nightfall. We chatted with the local business owners in the area and Montana and I escorted a woman from her hair salon to her car. She prayed for safety over the group of OathKeepers and left. But while we were milling about aimlessly, we were being watched. Black Lives Matter spotters watched us from afar, and shortly thereafter there was a mob coming down the street chanting “No Border, No Wall, No USA at all!” or that ole chestnut, “No Justice, No Peace”. But they weren’t coming to protest in the area. They came directly to us, to confront us, to provoke a reaction. Video of this can be found if you go to YouTube and search for “OathKeepers Louisville” (it’s old… September 25th, 2020). They screamed at us. Threatened us. They told Montana and I that they would kill us. As you will see on the video, I deescalate tensions, talk cordially and nonthreateningly, and I tell them that “If you remain peaceful, then you’re exercising your 1st Amendment, and that’s awesome.” I told them how I consider Breyonna Taylor’s death a tragedy. The other OathKeepers kept their cool too. Soon the BLM mob got bored, and wandered off. That night, we formed a perimeter again. But, after the shooting the night before, the Police weren’t playing games or taking chances.

The night was quiet, and so Montana and I packed up and drove back to Ohio. The next morning I woke up to find that after the OathKeepers went to bed, that BLM folks sneaked back into the parking lot with bolt cutters. They cut the locks to the U-Haul trucks and stole generators, light panels, Kevlar helmets/vests, and other various equipment. Furthermore, the other OathKeepers had left for home as well. They were now undermanned and ill equipped. They needed our help again, so Montana and I packed up and returned to Louisville once more. We were no longer staged at the hotel, it was compromised. So we met at personal property outside the city. We convoyed in to our details. Enroute, Antifa threw a Molotov Cocktail at the Gas Station, which missed and exploded in the street. The OathKeepers that were there already, ran out and put out the fire with a Fire Extinguisher. After we arrived, they scattered like roaches. We took to the rooftops and formed a perimeter. The Police helped us, by keeping the mob routed away from the location. But, a few slipped through the cordon, and with the curfew in place, we had to report a number of aggressive violators to the Police, who responded quickly, arresting all who provoked us. After that, the night was peaceful.

We spent the night on the property, and the next day we had one more detail to conduct. This time, Montana and I were assigned to a remote Pawn Shop with 2 other OathKeepers. I took charge at that location, and staggered our vehicles back where we had line of sight to each other. We kept a low profile, keeping inside our vehicles, out of sight with our eyes open. But again, BLM spotters had scoped us out. Soon we had vehicles driving at our alley checkpoint aggressively. I informed leadership, and reinforcements were sent out. Soon, the Police were doing very frequent patrols in the area and everything remained peaceful. Montana and I… thoroughly exhausted from days of tension and high alert, we returned home. But this was not the last of our details. Over the next few months, the work would only continue.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 5 Riots, Threats and SWAT Teams

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony

2020 was an ongoing hell for America, and it seemed we were always right in the thick of it. Ohio was a hotbed. Soon there were more reports, more threats of violence. That September, I scheduled a Basic Training class at Clifton Gorge, to bring everyone in my group up to speed. A training that never happened, but our Prosecutors would lie about it anyway. By October, we deployed to Pickerington, OH to protect homes in the area. Nothing happened, but the threats were real. Bethel, OH had BLM threaten a town, and the entire town came out into the street armed to the teeth. Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati were always in the crosshairs it seemed. Louisville continued to be under siege. When the AG Cameron, the Attorney General for Kentucky, was about to unseal the indictments, the BLM mob stormed his neighborhood. They threatened to kick in his door and kill his family, so Montana, me and Donovan Crowl (a member of my group) packed up and returned to Louisville to set up an Observation Post overlooking the businesses that we had watched before; the hotel, gas station and pawn shop. It was a simple plan, stay out of the way, stay out of sight, document crimes and call the Police if anything happens. Easy day.

We arrived and set up on the roof of the parking garage across the street. While we got set up, the parking attended looked at us critically and left in a huff. We didn’t think much of it. We posted up at each corner of the garage, keeping low profile, while we set out video camera equipment and used our binoculars to keep surveillance on the businesses. The OathKeepers liaison with Law Enforcement called ahead before we got there, informing the Sheriffs that we would be there. They said “No problem”. We had permission of the cops, so we were good. Or so we thought. I saw the Police helicopters drawing closer and closer, so I got on the radio and let my team know. I said, “See those Police choppers? They follow the BLM mob, and they’re getting close. So be ready if the rioters show up. They already attacked AG Cameron’s house, but the cops pushed them back out into the city, so be ready.” [more or less verbatim] Soon the helicopters were overhead, but they were not there for a BLM mob. They were there for us. The Police liaison for the OathKeepers didn’t inform the Louisville Metro Police. He only told the Sheriff’s Dept. So, as it turns out… the huffy parking attendant had called a SWAT Team on us.

We had been expecting several OathKeepers to come and help us, so when I saw 2 men approaching in tactical gear with rifles, I thought nothing of it. I nonchalantly waved at them, “Hey guys! How are ya?” … the rifles came up immediately, pointed directly at my face. “FREEZE! HANDS OVER YOUR HEAD, DO IT NOW.” ***Big Sigh*** I did what they asked, and when they approached, they started to ask questions. I explained everything to them, showed them the texts between me and the Police liaison. I told them about the contract with the businesses. We explained the call to the Sheriff’s Dept. Turns out, the Sheriffs had no jurisdiction there, and they did not call LMPD to inform them that we’d be up there. The Captain called the Sheriffs, and cleared up the misunderstanding. Soon, they were shaking our hands and laughing with us at the SNAFU. I admit, it was kinda cool to hang out with the SWAT guys a bit, to feel wanted. To have our efforts appreciated. Soon it was all sorted out, the SWAT team left, and we were allowed to continue our security detail. But, the Parking Attendant was having nothing of it. After 10-15 minutes, the SWAT Captain returned, and told us the huffy parking attendant didn’t want us there, so the Captain asked us to leave. And so we did. On the way out of the garage, the attendant stared at us hatefully as we drove by. I assume Mr. Huffy was a Leftist or a BLM supporter. His loss. We would have protected him too.

The threats, riots, all of it continued all the way up to Election Day. “The Squad” in Congress was loving it, urging the violence to continue. @MaxineWaters was telling BLM/Antifa to confront Trump supporters/cabinet members, to get a mob at gas stations and stores and show that “we’re not welcome anymore”. @RepAlexandriaOccasioCortes was riling up the Libbies, and even mobilizing them to action. AOC formed a database, and urged her supporters to “make a list of ALL Trump supporters”. She told them that “If you see a Trump sign at a business or in front of a home, put the address into the database so we can keep track of who these people are.” Yeah. Look it up, it happened. AOC was MAKING A LIST of Trump supporters. I’m sure it’s just to send us all a fruit basket, right? Well, Antifa began circulating flyers, advertising “The Purge: 2020”, in order to kill Trump supporters and lay siege to Police precincts across the nation. They wanted to prowl around polling sites, to intimidate voters. Antifa promised blood would run in the streets if Trump was reelected. They threatened America with civil war; a Color Revolution that they’d been waging for 6 months straight only seemed to escalate in intensity. I knew what they were capable of doing firsthand, and so I took the threats seriously. I made my own preparations; to provide medical attention to members of Law Enforcement and protect voters if needed. Soon, Election Day was upon us, and the pucker factor was around a 10.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 6 Election and Protection

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents, and Testimony

The events that occurred in Parts 1- 5 were all extremely well documented in my Texts, Emails and with Photos and Videos. My statements here are not flippant or exaggerated. There is no ambiguity. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes, ears and a brain (nevermind a search warrant and Prosecutorial powers). I started getting involved because I LOVE America. Because I also HATED the violence against the Police and the Community. I Backed the Blue, not just as a slogan, but as a way of life. So, while I rendered medical attention to the injured BLM protesters, I also was unwavering in my support for Law Enforcement. None of that is up for debate. When I am released, I will do an entire documentary (and also write a book) that will show this entire story, with 100% veracity. I will SHOW you my texts. I will SHOW you the pictures and videos. I am a PROUD Patriot, a STAUNCH Constitutionalist, and I Back the Blue. But THAT is NOT what the Media said. That is CERTAINLY NOT what my Prosecutors said. They lied about everything; for personal gain (career/media attention), and for Political purposes. The VAST majority of my Criminal Indictments said this lie, and I quote, “As early as November 3rd, the DEFENDANT prepared to Obstruct the Peaceful Transfer of Power”. Nothing could be further from the truth, and they KNEW it. They just did not care.

The morning of November 3rd, 2020, Montana and I went and voted for President Donald J. Trump, and rushed back home. Why the urgency? Because Antifa/Leftists were preparing to burn America to the ground if Trump won. We came back home, packed the car, and were on standby to come to the aid of Law Enforcement in Cleveland, OH. I wasn’t preparing to Obstruct ANYTHING. I didn’t even think that Trump could lose the election. My texts were VERY explicit. I informed Donovan Crowl the following. “We are on standby… Tonight will be bad, but tomorrow will be probably be worse… We will drive to a parking garage, proceed to the riot line on foot… You and Montana will protect me while I render aid to the injured Officer.” Does that sound like a plot to Obstruct the Peaceful Transfer of Power? I had no idea that the Election Certification on January 6th was even a thing, nevermind plotting to “Obstruct” anything. I wasn’t even focused on the potential for riots in response to a second Trump Inauguration yet. I was worried about the next 24 hours. For us locally, all I cared about was the fact that the Cleveland Police Precinct was being threatened by Antifa, and I was concerned about the wellbeing of their Officers. I had screenshots showing the AO (Area of Operations), and I detailed the plan to Crowl. All of which would be systematically ignored by the FBI/Prosecution, as they fabricated a story about me. Meanwhile, the Election results were morphing by the hour, growing more and more convoluted.

The results of the 2020 Election would not be finalized until mid-December; Election Day… became Election Week… became Election Month. By late November, I was still doubting the veracity of the election tally being spun by the media. They called states early. They projected the winner before votes were counted. I watched Trump’s numbers go DOWN in real time. Vote numbers only go UP … never down. They called it a “Glitch”. MANY States had a 102% – 114% turnout… during a Global Pandemic. How does THAT work? I knew people personally who got 5 ballots apiece in the mail. Secretaries of State violated Constitutions in order to alter election laws without approval or endorsement of the Legislative branch; to put unsecured Ballot Boxes in place. Many of those were in unmonitored locations. The results made no sense. Nevermind small instances of fraud, like kicking out Conservative poll watchers, while the Democrat poll watchers continued counting ballots unsupervised until 4am; or boarding up the windows with cardboard so people couldn’t see what was happening. The reports of fraud and corruption were widespread. Trump ballots were dumped en masse into lakes and rivers. Ballots being flown in on commercial planes. Giant spikes of votes for Biden, with NO Trump votes? That’s so unlikely, it’s laughable. Joe Biden somehow got tens of millions more votes that Obama, with only half the Districts as Obama? Trump won 18 out of 19 Bellwether states, but “lost” the election? The Republicans won House seats, but lost the Presidency in those same Districts? I wasn’t buying it. I still don’t. But at the time, I was convinced the legal remedies would win the day.

I was convinced that all of this would be exposed, and that Trump would remain in power once the lawsuits were resolved and the ballot audits conducted. It was a foregone conclusion in my mind. Conservatives were rightly outraged, but there was always another legal remedy on the horizon. Lawsuits were being filed. Results being contested and audits were to be conducted. I KNEW Trump won. Everyone did. It was only a matter of time before we proved it, and when that day came… the Leftists would lose their minds and America would burn. At NO POINT. EVER. Did I say ANYTHING about trying to Interfere or Obstruct ANYTHING. It didn’t even occur to me as a possibility. Why would I do that? What would it accomplish? It would be self defeating to interrupt OUR OWN LEGAL REMEDY to a fraudulent election. How would that even work? I’m just a nobody bar owner from Ohio. How could I possibly obstruct the “Peaceful Transfer of Power” to keep Trump in power? It doesn’t work like that. I knew only one thing, and my texts are clear. When this all shakes out, Trump would most likely be in Office again, and when he is… Antifa is going to wreak havoc nationwide. So, we started attending Stop the Steal rallies, to protect Trump supporters from the jackals. Rightfully so, because weeks later the families (including women, children, and the elderly) attending the Stop the Steal rallies would be under attack by Antifa and violent leftists; being beaten, pepper-sprayed and having their American flags stolen and burned.

What Really Happened Part 7 Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 7  The Stop the Steal Rallies

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

The Stop the Steal and Trump rallies dominated the next 2 months. The first one we attended was a week before the election, protecting a Truckers for Trump convoy through Champaign County. The day before, a shooting had occurred at a Truckers for Trump convoy in Franklin Country, a mere 30 minutes away. The shooter was still at large, and so we were concerned about a second shooting on our convoy. We followed the trucks, ready to render medical attention if needed. It was a fun rally, and nothing happened. After the Election, the first rally we attended was the Stop the Steal Rally on November 7th, 2020 at the Ohio State Capitol. @AlexJones and @Infowars organized Stop the Steal rallies at all 50 State Capitols across the country. Of course, Antifa/BLM showed up to counter-protest. The Media spun the coverage in the opposite direction, claiming the Trump Supporters were the counter-protesters, just there to antagonize the poor Biden Supporters that were merely “celebrating his victory”. Typical Media spin, really. Nothing surprises me with Fake News anymore. The Trump supporters prayed for America, waved flags and sang the National Anthem while the Leftists chanted their typical stupid slogans.

Given the proximity of both groups, Montana, Crowl and I opted to stay out of the way entirely. There were angry Trump supporters; some of whom wanted to confront Antifa. One was even armed with baseball bat. The Antifa crowd waved a Communist (Hammer and Sickle) Flag adorned with the phrase “We Don’t Want Biden. We Want Revenge”. We decided to just stay out of the way of all of it. We found some State Troopers (a nice Officer by the name Sergeant Frost) and we hung out with the State Police. We had sidearms, and Crowl had my Paintball Gun that we converted into a Less Lethal. When Sergeant Frost asked us about it, I told him, “It’s so he can protect me if I need to help an injured patient. We don’t want to kill anyone”. He told us, “Makes sense to me”. We hung out with him for a couple hours, and occasionally folks would pose with us for pictures. Some Leftists wearing BLM shirts asked us about our pistols. I told them “Well, what if a Trump supporter starts shooting the BLM people? Wouldn’t it be good if I could stop him and save your life?” She seemed shocked; it never occurred to her that I might need to save her life. Another BLM supporter was filming the crowd and didn’t notice when her 2 year old daughter ran off into the street. I screamed “Ma’am! Your f***ing kid ran away!” and I sprinted after the kiddo before she was trampled or hit by a car. After I reunited mother and daughter, I went back to my detail. An hour or so later, the crowd dispersed and we left.

During that event, my group (Ohio State Regular Militia) gained a LOT of attention from the Trump supporters. I had a list of roughly 10 folks that wanted to join. I took down their names/numbers and texted them; to interview them and lay down some ground rules. I told them explicitly, “We are NOT anti-government. We work routinely with Law Enforcement and obey all Local/State/Federal Laws. If you’re not OK with that, this group is not for you.” Much of these texts were ignored by the Prosecution, who alleged that I was “Recruiting in preparation for January 6th”, which again… is NOT true. I never mentioned ANYTHING like that. Quite the opposite. I was emphatic that we were Pro-Police, Pro-Constitution, and Pro-Law & Order. Our intentions were clearly stated; we are prepared for Trump’s Inauguration and the troubles that would come after. Why? Well, at this point… halfway through “Election Week” (the first week in Election Month), I still believed TRUMP would be Inaugurated. I was convinced that Leftists were going to flip out and burn America to the ground.

Like they did in 2017 and during the Summer of 2020. I was also concerned about the Chinese, but more on that later. There was also talk about Antifa laying siege to the White House again (like in the Summer, when the Church of the Presidents was burned). When we got home from the Ohio Capitol rally, I found out the OathKeepers were going to help protect the White House for the Million MAGA March on November 14th, I was eager to attend. I expected hand to hand fighting between Antifa and the Police. And we were going to be there once more, helping the Police.

With a bunch of untrained folks wanting to join my group and the ongoing protection details that were planned, I rescheduled the Basic Training class (the one I originally scheduled in September) for January 3rd-January 9th, to be ready for Trump’s Inauguration. January 6th was not only nowhere on my radar, but I was planning to be in Ohio at the time, doing survival/riot/medical training. I had other fears; Antifa and China. In the short term, rumors circulated that if riots in city spun out of control, that President Trump would need to activate the Insurrection Act to get help to restore order. That he would need to activate militias to support Law Enforcement. We would then work with Secret Service to form a perimeter around the White House and protect the grounds from violence by Leftists; to prevent another 3 Day Siege of the White House, like had happened that summer. That event was still fresh on our minds, and seemed a very likely possibility, so we packed up and drove to Washington DC in a state of high alert. The Million MAGA March was not a shining moment for the OathKeepers, however. Schedule conflicts kept coming up. Protection details for the VIP’s kept changing. The convoy into DC kept getting split up. By the time we got to the rally, it was halfway over. We stood by the street smoking cigarettes as @AlexJones gave a speech at Freedom Plaza, and we left. It was kinda fun, but pointless. Almost as soon as we were gone, Antifa began to attack MAGA families. Antifa stole their MAGA hats and American Flags and set them on fire in the street. Antifa peppersprayed women and children and beat the elderly. And we weren’t there to help. Everyone was furious, and the North Carolina chapter decided they would break off from the OathKeepers and do their own thing. More on that later.