How does one preserve their sanity amidst the challenges of prison life? They write!
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Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 16 J6: The Trash Compactor from Hell

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

When I testified on my own behalf, my Prosecutor, Ms. Alexandria Hughes played this video for the umpteenth time. I looked my Jury dead in the eye, wagging my finger at the screen I pointed at the paused video with tears streaming down my face, and said “I am responsible. How many times do I have to tell you that. I am responsible. I’m responsible” After the selfies, the chanting, the singing, and stopping vandalism, everything seemed just fine. In fact, more than fine. It felt American. What happened for the next 8 minutes would change my view of J6 dramatically. I returned to the hallway where I had stopped the woman smashing glass, and came to a large circular room called The Small Senate Rotunda. At the time, I just called it “The Doughnut”. It was a big circular room with a giant hole in the floor. I stood resting against the marble wall, looking down into the room below. Soon some Police Officers walked beneath me and I waved down to them. Seconds later, I saw Crowl walk by and so I grabbed him and followed him further down the hall. A steady stream of protesters walked by, and soon the crowd filled the hall. It was so packed that there was nowhere to go. Everyone was chanting “USA, USA, USA” and also “F*** McConnell! F*** McConnel!”. I can’t stand that dirty RINO; the bipartisanship bastard – Mitch McConnell; so I chanted right along. Everything was peaceful, but this wasn’t celebratory rally. This was a PROTEST.

People were voicing their displeasure and standing up to have their voices heard. I too was very displeased, and so I jumped right in. They stole the 2020 Election, so I too wanted my voice to be heard. The crowd was packed, you could barely see past the head of the person in front of you, but I could kinda see a riot shield off in the distance. A protester had it, but I didn’t know that at the time. I thought it was the Riot Police. Everything was fine, completely peaceful as we stood there chanting, but suddenly and without warning it became a nightmare. There was no warning, suddenly the 12-15 Police Officers started trying punching and pushing the crowd at the front, trying to physically shove 200-300 people through a narrow doorway. But, there was nowhere to go. The crowd behind me surged forward. It was like being caught in a Trash Compactor. My broken ribs were crushed between my body armor, my broken arm throbbed as someone grabbed ahold of it and let go (at first I thought it was a Police Officer, but there wasn’t one close enough). I was in massive amounts of pain. I screamed in agony, “I can’t breathe… I can’t breathe!” But there was nothing I could do and nowhere to run. As the video timestamps show, this went on for something like 45-60 seconds before I reacted. To me, it felt like 10-15 minutes.


Eventually, I started to freak out. I got pissed off. I reacted poorly, and did something I would regret forever. I said “Push, Push. Get in there. They can’t hold us”. I don’t recall saying that, but the video shows I did. I remember saying “Push”, but that was all. Soon. the pushing stopped. We still couldn’t move, but the crush was over. I was pinned to the back of a stranger, and Crowl looked at me and said “Cap (my nickname), I didn’t come here to tangle with cops”. I replied, “I know, me neither. But I can’t move.” Crowl shook his head and said “Me neither”. We were trapped like that for probably another minute or two, when again without warning, pepperspray rained down on us. I pulled down my goggles, pulled up my neck gaiter and tried to suffer it through until it was over and I could get away. I wouldn’t have to wait long. Soon the crowd behind me began to dissipate, and as soon as I was no longer pinned, I ran. I staggered back down the hall until I was clear of the crowd, retching on pepperspray. Someone asked “How does it feel, taking one for your country?” I replied, “Nothing like it.” as I gagged painfully. Someone in the crowd yelled, “We need a second wave” and urged people to return, continuing to push against the Police. I had no interest in THAT whatsoever. All I wanted was to escape that hellhole. As soon as my vision cleared and I could see where to go, I ran back to The Doughnut. I encountered a Police Woman, who waved for me to go down a flight of stairs. I went down the first few steps and looked around. Donovan Crowl was nowhere to be seen. I returned to her and asked “Ma’am, I got separated from my friend. May I go find him? I will be right back”. She replied, “No problem, go ahead” and I darted back off to find him.

Soon, I saw Crowl and I grabbed him. I told him, “The Police want us to go this way, come on” and we returned to the stairwell. A Policeman (presumably her partner) held his hands out, waving us off. He said “No, no. Don’t go down there. Go that way!” and pointed us back through the doorway to the Rotunda. We staggered back through the doorway and into the now-familiar room. We had only been gone down that hallway for 8 minutes, according to timestamps. But to me, it felt like hours. It was a nightmare. That hallway event changed my perception of J6 forever. We had just been peacefully protesting. Why did the Police attack us? Why didn’t they warn us? At BLM riots, they warn you for an hour before they start beating, spraying and arresting people. Why didn’t they just tell us to leave? I was in pain. I was angry. I was upset. For probably 2 years after J6, I blamed the Police for what happened. It wasn’t until my lawyer (Jonathan Crisp) explained things to me and showed me the video, that I began to accept it for what it was. We were trespassing, and then as a result we were Impeding Officers Responding to a Civil Disorder. We shouldn’t have been there, and we were in the way of those Officers that were responding to a Civil Disorder. So… it WAS my fault. I was responsible for that, and that action was Criminal; I told my Jury that to their faces – told them I was guilty of that. During my Sentencing, I would also tell my Judge that. Now, I am telling YOU that. Obstructing Officers Responding to a Civil Disorder is a Crime. A crime for which I should have served 90-180 days. But my Prosecutors would use that event to try and put me in prison for the Life, without the possibility of parole.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 17 J6: When Life Hands You Lemons…

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner 26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

Crowl and I staggered back into the Rotunda, escaping the hell-crush behind us. My eyes burned and I had trouble seeing properly. I didn’t see anyone I recognized, and I suddenly felt a pang of fear. Where was everyone? Where were the OathKeeper folks? Where were Ben and Sandi Parker? At the time, I didn’t think either of them had followed us inside. I knew Ben hadn’t, because his hips were bothering him. But what about Sandi? I thought I remembered seeing her on the steps, but not again after that. It was just me and Crowl standing in the Rotund amongst a sea of strangers. I grabbed Crowl and said, “Stay here. Say RIGHT here, don’t move. I am going to do a lap and see if I can find someone… anyone I recognize. Then I will come right.” I did a big lap of the Rotunda, growing more and more frustrated and concerned when I didn’t see a single person I recognized. But, by the time I did my lap I finally came back to Crowl. Beside him was Sandi Parker, washing out the face of a kid that followed the OathKeepers around. During the course of Court Hearings and Documents, I would learn his name is Isaacs. But at the time, I thought he was just some kid that followed us around; like a lost puppy dog. I hadn’t remembered even seeing him after we left the Ellipse, but clearly he must have followed us here.

I chatted with the crowd, hanging out and waiting to see someone I recognized, but nobody came. Some weirdo creep was trying to hang out with me, but his vibe was kinda… I dunno. A girl can pick up on a creeper from a million miles away. This guy just made me uncomfortable, so I extricated myself from the conversation. As I stood there waiting, I saw someone walking by smoking a joint. Now… forgive me here, but I have been known to sample and savor the sweeter sticky strains in my day. So …*ahem*… yeah. I followed him and asked him for permission to take a hit off his joint. I inhaled deep, held it in and found Crowl, blowing the smoke in his face. His eyes went wide and said “What the f…” I just pointed to the kid, and Crowl meandered off to imbibe himself. Meanwhile, Isaacs condition began to degrade. He told us he had severe asthma, and after having been peppersprayed (I guess he got it pretty bad), his breathing began to get VERY wheezy. He was struggling to breathe, and it didn’t seem he was recovering. It seemed he was getting much worse. My Medic brain kicked in and Crowl and I put him on our shoulders and went to leave. But the Rotunda is a big circular room, and we didn’t know where the exit was. We dragged him to a Police Officer and asked for directions to the exit. The Officer pointed us to the door and we dragged Isaacs with us. I screamed “Make a Hole! Wounded! We’ve got wounded! Make a hole” and we left the Capitol Building, never to return. The time was 3:05pm. We had only been inside 24 minutes, but it felt like an eternity.

I set Isaacs against a wall by a line of Riot Police. Standing beside them were the OathKeepers. They had left before we did. I rinsed Isaacs face and helped him to control his breathing. Soon, other injured began to come to us. Crowl, Sandi, everyone started pitching in the help those that were having medical emergencies. We set up an ad hoc Triage/Casualty Collection Point near the Riot Police, and we began to help those who were worst off. Once Isaacs began to recover, I then started helping another patient. A man with severe COPD was fading in and out of consciousness. I guess Kelly Meggs had seen him arguing with Police when the man was sprayed, so Meggs said “F*** that guy. We just rescued a cop (Harry Dunn) from this guy. He was part of the problem”. I told Meggs, “I can’t do that man, this guy is in real bad shape”. I remembered seeing ambulances when I was standing on the steps during the National Anthem, so I decided to get him to the Medics. Someone handed me an inhaler, I checked it to ensure it was Albuterol, and administered it to the man. Then, his friend and I put him on our shoulders and we dragged him down the Capitol steps and toward the ambulances in the distance. Reporters from the Wall Street Journal filmed me for the entire trip as I dragged the man to help. I wanted to put the man on O2 and give him a Nebulizer treatment, so I beat on the ambulance doors frantically, yelling “MEDIC! GET ME A MEDIC OUT HERE!” But no answer came. I stood on the bumper, peeking through the windows, but no Medics were inside, so I dashed off to find them.

I frantically looked for the Medics, asking everyone I could find. I finally found some folks who told us, “When the protesters arrived, the Medics ran”. I ran back to my patient determined to do something to help him. But when I got back, the inhaler must have helped, because the man was sitting on a low brick wall beside the ambulance. He was recovered enough to speak, so I stayed with him for a few minutes to make sure he was OK. Confident he was recovered sufficiently, I returned back up the steps to the OathKeepers. The crowd continued pushing inside, but I had no interest in returning. Instead, I chatted with the Riot Cops briefly. But I was acutely aware that Ben Parker was missing, so I was starting to get concerned. That’s when my phone buzzed, alerting me that the Mayor had declared a Curfew for 6pm. I went to Meggs and asked, “What’s the plan? Like, what are we doing here?” He said, “Well, we took ‘The Castle’ so we’re just going to hold it”. I told him, “Well, they just announced a curfew, and I am missing one of my guys, so we gotta go find him before the curfew.” Meggs shrugged and said “That’s fine. We can come back and protest every day if we have to.” The entire group of OathKeepers descended the steps and got to a clear section of grass. I waved goodbye to the OathKeepers, and Sandi, Donovan and I left Capitol grounds to find Ben. We had only been there for roughly an hour, and those events would change my life forever.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 18 J6: The Exodus

by: Jessica Watkins

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

We turned the corner from the East Side of the Capitol, headed along the sidewalk on the North Side; where we had parted ways with Ben Parker. But, he was nowhere to be found. Sandi Parker’s phone was having trouble connecting, so we frantically tried to find where he was the old fashioned way; visually. I told Donovan and Sandi to stay put, and I did a quick lap looking for him to no avail. By the time I had returned, she had gotten through and he was on his way to meet us. We stood around, and Donovan filmed me as I stood watching the long line of Police strobes as they drove toward the Capitol. We discussed how the Army was being deployed (which seemed absurd for such a peaceful protest). Once Ben Parker met up with us, we began the long trek back toward our vehicles at the intersection of G St. and 21st. Anyone with Google Maps will tell you, that’s in Georgetown on the other side of the city. It was roughly 4pm, and we had a LONG walk ahead of us. My phone was dying and my fingers were cold, so I posted a quick pic of myself online and said “Me before I forced entry to the Capitol” and kept walking. In hindsight, it was a stupid single sentence statement and an inaccurate portrayal of the events. But the Prosecution team would LOVE that line. They’d abuse it constantly for the next 2 years, despite all evidence contrary.

We walked back down Pennsylvania Ave, but as we approached the White House, we found that the Police had blocked off access. We couldn’t return the way we had come, and the Police were routing everyone up 14th St… and away from where we were parked. We walked up the hill with the masses of protesters leaving the Capitol. Every street was blocked off by the Police, pushing us further and further away from our vehicle and deeper and deeper into the city. On our way, we were stopped by some Metro PD Officers. They told us “Stop where you are, you are being detained”. We shrugged, and put our hands on our heads, but they told us to relax. They searched through our equipment and made sure we didn’t have anything illegal and took our information down. I didn’t have my ID, but I still gave them my accurate information, including my phone number. I also gave them my ACTUAL address… the one to my home… not the one on my drivers license. I figured, we didn’t do anything wrong besides maybe trespassing, so I wanted to make sure that if I got a ticket or something, that I got the correct mailing address to them. After they were done, they let us go. As they walked away, I told them “God Bless you and thank you for everything you do! Don’t let Antifa give you any s***.” This whole interaction was captured on multiple Body Cameras.

After we left the Police, we continued our walk. Every intersection was blocked off, but eventually we came to one that wasn’t. The Police saw us coming, got on their bikes and rode away. It was a creepy part of town; smelled like piss, and there were drunk and high homeless people everywhere. It was starting to get dark, with the sun sinking behind the buildings. We got to a point where the road was bisected by these concrete barrier things. It was quiet, but unnerving. I looked down and saw big yellow letters painted on the street. I looked to my left and it said MATTER. I looked to my right and it said BLACK LIVES. Yeah. The cops funneled all the Trump supporters directly into BLM Plaza. Greeeeaaat. I looked at Donovan, Ben and Sandi, and I said “Guys. We have to get out of here. NOW!” They looked at me confused and Donovan said “Why, what’s up Cap?” I said “We are OathKeepers in Black Lives Matter Plaza!!! This is NOT a good place for us to be right now”. No sooner had the words come out of my mouth when a swarm of BLM folks rushed out and began beating a Trump supporter mercilessly. They laughed and punched him in the face, snatching at his Trump flag and shouting “We don’t do that s*** here, n****” and “Yeah hit that n****!!!” I screamed, “Hey! Leave him the f*** alone!!!” and started sprinting in their direction.

I guess seeing a group of four people wearing tactical gear and helmets sprinting at them was enough to scare them off, because they scattered like roaches. I handed the Trump supporter his (probably) broken Bluetooth speaker back, helped him to his feet and asked him if he was OK. He said “Yeah I am fine, thanks” and he headed off, back the way he came. I returned to where we were, and stood there kinda stunned. Crowl looked at me and said “Cap, we can’t stay here. We gotta go.” He was right of course. Curfew was coming and we still had a long way to walk, After an hour or so, we finally made it back to the vehicle. We took off our gear, packed up and began the drive back out of the city. By 6pm when the curfew was starting, we were back in Alexandria, VA … pulling into the parking lot of our hotel. I won’t lie, was elated. I felt GREAT! We had stood up for America; we had stood up for Free and Fair Elections; we had seen our President speak in front of the White House; we had stopped vandalism twice; we had helped numerous injured people; we had rescued a Trump supporter that was being beaten by the BLM mob; we had obeyed all lawful orders and followed the curfew. Sure, we got crushed in a hallway for a little bit and the cops had to pepperspray some folks. But that wasn’t OUR fault. We didn’t start it, the COPS did, and we ran as soon as we could away. I didn’t doubt it for a second; we were the good guys on J6. We got up to the hotel room and busted out the beers and Jim Beam to celebrate how awesome we were. That’s when we turned on the TV to see what America and the Fake News Media thought about it. Turns out, they were PISSED.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 19 J6: The Aftermath

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

The rest of the night on January 6th, I was glued to the TV and the internet. I was stunned. How had a peaceful protest (that wasn’t any more rowdy than a handful of people getting squished in a hallway for a few minutes) somehow get turned into the worst thing that had happened to our country since Pearl Harbor? I was OUTRAGED. I wanted DESPERATELY to set the record straight. I knew False Flags could be falsely reported by the Fake News media clowns, but this was so patently false that it left me speechless. There were no wounded cops! Hell, the cops didn’t even tell us to leave. There was hardly any damage, and it was ME PERSONALLY that stopped it! At the time, I had no clue what happened on the West Side of the building. As far as I knew, it was just a rally over there. I thought the hallway crush was as bad as it got. I posted online in a fury “The media, even Fox News is lying about the Historic events we created today”. I was pissed. The events were not a big deal, Americans came to The People’s House to have our voices heard, and the cops attacked us without warning. I thought, “Big deal! So what if the cops had to pepperspray a few people?” I had seen BLM/Antifa throwing explosives at the Police. I had seen an Autism Center and a Hospital burned. Several blocks away from me, two Police were shot. I’d seen looting, vandalism and graffiti as the Leftists waged a full-fledged Communist Revolution on American Streets and seen it with my own two eyes. Yet somehow pushing, shoving and pepperspray was an act of terrorism worse than 9/11? I texted all night until I passed out in exhaustion; drunk and outraged.

The next day, January 7th, we checked out of the hotel, packed up the vehicle, and got prepared to leave. In the hotel hallway while we came across Tom Caldwell, and filled him in on the events. We swapped stories, and he told us about things on his end; of children being teargassed and such. We discussed how we felt; that J6 would become a False Flag from hell, to justify attacking Trump and Conservatives. We weren’t wrong, but we underestimated how bad things would get. He offered for us to come back out and visit any time. I sat in the back seat for several hours, chain-smoking cigarettes in a flurry of frantic Social Media posts as I responded to every comment. Some people thanked me and called me a patriot. Others called me a terrorist. I set the record straight as much as I could during the entire drive back to Donovan’s family. We got there and hung out for a while; drinking Tin Cup whiskey as we told them about the true events of J6. We picked up my guns, loaded them into the car and went back home to Ohio. We spent the night with the Parkers, drinking at their personal bar in the basement as we celebrated ourselves. We knew the truth. We were the good guys, f*** Fake News.

The morning of January 8th I began getting unnerved. I had journalists hounding me online. I had Leftists hounding me online. Even Conservatives seemed to think I was a sack of s***. I planned on just doing a video, laying out the truth and explaining what happened to anyone willing to listen. I never did. By the time I got home to my own bar, I was thoroughly freaked out. I told Montana, “Well, the FBI might want me at some point. We didn’t do anything, but we were in there.” I explained the entire story in full. But after several days, things kinda chilled out. I figured, “OK, they want people who fought with cops. We didn’t do that, we will be fine.” After all, we stopped vandalism, obeyed curfew, rescued hurt people and obeyed lawful orders. Why would they want us? We didn’t do anything. Other OathKeepers rescued Police on numerous occasions. They wouldn’t want us. Then the Zello tapes were released. Suddenly, I was personally the object of a lot of media interest. My work phone rang, Jake Zuckerman from the Capitol Journal had found me. He said he would release my name to the media. I said “PLEASE don’t do that. I don’t want people to doxx me.” He replied, “I doxxed you. How do you think I got your information?” Yeah. Ultimately, I gave him the interview, and frankly he gave me a pretty fair shake. He didn’t spin my words or anything. But… my name was out there, and soon my phone was ringing off the hook. Before I knew it, the media was pounding on the door to my bar.

They were hounding my mom at her house. Leftists were calling us racists and threatening to kill us. My mom fled to Florida to hide and stay with my sister. My friends, neighbors and customers were being harassed by the media. I hid in the house, while Montana ran the bar. Tom Caldwell texted me a picture of myself, a screenshot of an article by a site called News2Share. The article had MY face on the front page with the headline, “Capitol Riot! One Police Officer Dead!” I was like, “WHAT?! I didn’t have anything to do with that!” Tom just said, “Well, if anyone asks, I’ll just tell them you were with me the whole time.” I replied, “No, don’t do that. Perjury is bad, lol. I am sure it will be fine, we didn’t do anything.” A few days later, the media was beating down my door still. I texted Crowl and said, “See if Commander Tom would let him stay with us until the media storm blows over.” Sure enough, Tom told us to just come stay with him for a few days. I figured, if the Media can find me, the Feds would have certainly arrested me forever ago. But, just in case, I left my phone, equipment, and a point of contact: an email address and Tom Caldwell’s phone number. I told Montana, “If the FBI/Sheriffs come, just give them everything. Unlock my phone for them, and give them everything. Just cooperate. We didn’t do anything, so this will all blow over. If they need me, I’ll come back and just turn myself in. Call Tom if the Feds come, otherwise just email me until the media leaves you alone” Donovan and I packed the car and hit the road; a 10-hour drive back to Virginia to stay with Commander Tom and his wife.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 20 The Final Days of Freedom

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents, and Testimony.

Donovan and I breathed easily once we left Ohio. After a 10-hour drive to Tom’s farm, we crawled into bed and tried to relax. Certainly, the Media wouldn’t find us at Tom’s house because I had I left my cell phone in Ohio for the Feds. The Media had compromised it, so without it they wouldn’t be able to use it to locate us. But that was to be short lived. Crowl’s Liberal-ass mother (a real piece of work) decided to spout off her mouth to THE NEW YORKER, of all places. Some Leftist dickbag named Ronin Farrow wanted to do “a piece” on “Right Wing Extremism”, featuring Donovan Crowl. Great. Soon, HIS phone was ringing off the hook. This Ronin Farrow scumbag was threatening to “expose” Crowl, making insinuations of racism and such. Donovan (understandably) wanted to clear his name. But Donovan was drunk on half a bottle of Crown Royal. Not a good idea to have a MEDIA INTERVIEW drunk. Crowl promised he wouldn’t do the interview, and so I went to bed. As soon as I was asleep, Donovan went outside, smoked half a pack of cigarettes, and told this Farrow guy everything. The resulting article was a doozie. But still, Law Enforcement seemed to have no interest in us. After a few days, Montana told us that the media stopped coming by the bar. I figured the following morning we would just head home and try to put this all behind us. We did return, but not under the conditions I expected.

The morning of January 17th, 2021 at something like 10:30am, during breakfast Tom Caldwell asked me about a “strange” phone number from Ohio, and asked if I recognized it. I did. It was the bar phone. It was my husband Montana. before I left, I told Montana, “Don’t call me unless the cops come”. Well, he had just called. So, with lead in my belly, I called Montana back. Sure enough. The FBI and a Joint Terrorism Task Force had conducted a tactical raid on my home. They dragged Montana, handcuffed, half naked and barefoot through the snow and laid siege to the house. They had helicopters. They had armored vehicles. They used drones. They shot out the window to my house. They used battering rams. They threw grenades, including throwing one at our 8lb Yorkie dog. My poor little Rosie! I call it The War of Woodstock. The Feds surrounded the town (which had a population of 300), strutting around in their gear with rifles and terrifying everyone. With a heavy heart, I relayed all of this to Tom Caldwell; me and Donovan packed the car, and we drove the 10 hours back to Ohio to surrender ourselves to the authorities.

I bought a burner phone, so I could call Montana on the way. Donovan didn’t want to lose his car, so we drove back to his house and parked it. Montana came and picked us both up and drove us to Urbana, OH where we could turn ourselves in to the Sheriff’s Dept. I beat on the doors, looking for any Officer to speak to, but none would come. So, we got back in the car and I had Montana drive us to the Urbana Police Department. I kissed him in the Parking Lot for the last time, I said “I love you, but you don’t want to be here for this part. I will see you in a few weeks when I get out.” I figured, there’s no way I would do more than a month in County Jail for trespassing, right? I mean, that’s all I did… right? This will all get cleared up, and I can go home. That was the last time I would see Montana in person, before my trial. Donovan and I walked up to a Policewoman standing on the back patio of the Urbana Police Department. I looked at her embarrassed and said, “I am here to turn myself in. I am wanted on a Federal warrant”. She looked at me a little stunned, and said “Ooooook…” (I guess that probably doesn’t happen often) I told her, “I was at the Capitol thing on January 6, in DC. The FBI just raided my place, but I wasn’t home”. She said, “Ok, let me get your information and see what we need to do”. Donovan and I gave her our info, she looked us up and said “Well, I don’t see anything in our system”. I replied, “Well, they just used tanks and helicopters and drones and stuff. I’m pretty sure they want me”.

Sure enough, they called the FBI headquarters, and they instructed them to hold us until they arrived. We chatted with the Officers, hanging out and smoking cigarettes until it was time. They booked us into Drunk Tanks awaiting the arrival of the FBI. After a few hours, they came in and said, “Before we take you in, we just want to ask a few questions. Would that be OK?” I told them, “No, no I don’t have a lawyer or anything, so I don’t want to make any statements yet.” They asked Crowl the same thing, same answer, and they put us in separate FBI vehicles. My FBI Agents were very nice, we chatted about non-J6 stuff. One of those Agents would testify against me in trial, rubber stamping the lies being used against me in trial. But at the time, I had a high opinion of him. I appreciate professionality, but it was all a front. He was as corrupt as any entrenched DC Fed, and would validate all the lies that were feverishly being crafted by Prosecutors that I had yet to meet. We arrived at the Montgomery County Jail at roughly 1am on January 18th. It would be the first of many stops in the ongoing nightmare that I have lived ever since.

The response to J6 was heavy handed, unjust, and unnecessary. My punishment DID NOT fit my crime. Next, I will detail this response, the lies, the corruption, the abuses; in a follow-up series called “A Tale Of An American Political Prisoner”

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 21 Conclusion: A Mountain Out of a Molehill

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

The OathKeepers did NOT have a plan to Obstruct the Peaceful Transfer of Power. At no point was that ever discussed or even insinuated. Not a “wink and a nod”. Nothin’. All the Prosecution showed is that we didn’t believe the results of the 2020 Election. Spoiler alert; I still don’t. But that in and of itself is NOT a crime (as badly as it irks the Libbies). So how did the “OathKeeper Seditious Conspiracy” narrative begin? Why was it crafted, and how was it cobbled together despite all evidence contrary? I’ve told you MY entire story, but that’s just one piece of a larger puzzle. What did the OTHER OathKeepers do on January 6th? How did all of this play out? I will give you a brief update on the others in my trial group, and let you draw your own conclusion.

(Stewart Rhodes): Leader of the OathKeepers. I didn’t even know Stewart was at J6 until the following day. He wasn’t giving us orders, or directing an assault on the Capitol. I never saw or spoke to him. Later, when Kelly Meggs told him that the OathKeepers went inside the Capitol Building, he said “That was stupid”. Stewart never entered the US Capitol. As far as I can tell, all he did was show up, film a 30 second video and left.

(Kelly Meggs): Leader of the Florida Chapter of the OathKeepers. Kelly walked peacefully through an open door; joined a prayer circle in the Rotunda and prayed for America; rescued Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn; and helped Capitol Police evict protesters from the Capitol Building. Kelly did all of that in the span of the (I think) 18 minutes that he was inside the Capitol.

(Kenneth Harrelson): Kenny was with Kelly Meggs and did the same things: the prayer circle and rescued Harry Dunn. Only instead of assisting Police at the door, he left early. Kenny spent a mere (I think) 14 minutes inside the Capitol.

(Tom Caldwell): Not an OathKeeper. Days prior to J6, he did recon to find where Antifa was camped out (not anywhere near the Capitol Building). He relayed that info the the NC OathKeepers, who had formed their own group separate from OathKeepers National. Prior to J6, Tom helped me find a hotel and on J6 he helped us find parking. He never saw us again after we left him at the White House Ellipse (prior to Trump’s speech) at (I think) 8am. He and his wife went to the Capitol on their own, did their own thing, and when things got crazy they left. We didn’t see Tom again until the following day.

THAT is the tale of the OathKeeper #1 Trial Group. Those were the codefendants who sat with me in my trial. I will go into our sham trial during “A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”, but I leave you with this. The OathKeepers are honorable people. We support Law Enforcement. We are believers in Law and Order, and we research local laws to ensure that we remain compliant. We are not anti-government. We work hand-in-hand with government at every event we attend. We don’t antagonize people we disagree with (like BLM/Antifa), and we attempt to deescalate tensions – we are nonconfrontational. We render medical attention to anyone in need (protester, counterprotester, bystanders and Police). We protect property from vandalism. We support and defend the Constitution. We love America. But this is not the tale that has been told for the past 3 years.

Gulag This! “What Really Happened”

Part 22 Conclusion: Why the Lies? Who Wins?

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

***OPINION*** Shortly after J6, there was a barrage of claims that the OathKeepers had a “plot” to overthrow the government. That there was a Seditious Conspiracy of epic proportions that culminated in the “Attack” on the US Capitol. Nothing could be further from the truth. But why was this narrative so important? Who wins? Allow me to illustrate.

—The Media claimed a “plot” to overthrow the government because they are the propaganda wing of the Democrat party. Media ratings bring advertising revenue. Fear sells and the Democrats have much to gain from the narrative.

—The Democrats claimed a “plot” to overthrow the government in order to strongarm the Republican members of Congress to push through their Legislative agendas: gun control, election “reform”, censorship in the media and online, entrenching the FISA Courts, and budget increases for the alphabet soup agencies like the FBI. The Democrats also used the “plot” narrative to sell fear, as a cudgel against their political opponents during their campaign ads.

—The FBI claimed a “plot” to overthrow the government, because their budget saw a fat increase following J6, in the “hunt” for Right-Wing Domestic Extremism. The FBI also work hand-in-hand with the Attorney General and the Department of Justice. It also gave them an excuse to target parents at school board meetings, justify a surveillance war against the American people, spy on Catholic churches, and to round up pro-life Protesters; simultaneously ignoring the US Border, Janes Revenge, and Antifa (after all, the FBI were told to go after White, Christian Nationalists).

—The DOJ and the Prosecution claimed a “plot” to overthrow the government because they were told to by their boss, the Attorney General Merrick Garland.

—Merrick Garland claimed a “plot” to overthrow the government, because he is depending on Joe Biden to keep his job as President in order to remain in power as the Attorney General.

—The @JoeBiden Regime claimed a “plot” to overthrow the government because he needs to attack President Trump. Joe Biden has been an abject failure. His economy sucks. He surrendered to the Taliban. Israel and Ukraine are at war and we are on the brink of WWIII. The culture war is backfiring. The US Border is a disaster; terrorism, drugs, sex trafficking. Crime is out of control. The Biden corruption with Ukraine/China/Russia/Iran/Romania (etc) is being exposed in Congress. Joe Biden needs a “plot” against the government, because his government sucks. All he has to run on is fear; of “Threats to Democracy”, which nobody (with two brain cells to rub together) believes. So the Joe Biden Regime claims a “plot” against the government in order to stay in power.

The problem is this: THERE WAS NO PLOT. There was NO Conspiracy. January 6th was a peaceful protest that experienced sporadic rioting by a select few individuals. The OathKeepers did not come to Obstruct the Peaceful Transfer of Power and did not riot. We thought the Certification of the 2020 Election was over, prior to our departure from the White House Ellipse. Simply stated, we didn’t even know that there was anything to Obstruct. There was no Seditious Conspiracy. We are innocent. We OathKeepers attempt to be part of the SOLUTION, not the problem. The OathKeepers rescued Police, stopped vandalism, helped evacuate the Capitol Building, rendered medical aid to the injured, obeyed curfew and lawful orders and we left voluntarily. There was no plot, as was stated CLEARLY in DOJ emails. The Prosecution deliberately crafted a false narrative, withheld evidence, fabricated evidence, falsified testimony, used the FBI to committed perjury, and threatened our witnesses. All in an attempt to put us in Federal Prison for the rest of our natural lives, despite our innocence. But this is a game of the highest order. The Media helps the Democrats >>> The Democrats help the FBI >>> The FBI helps the DOJ >>> The DOJ helps keep Joe Biden stay in power by attacking his #1 Political Rival; Donald J. Trump.

I call it a Conspiracy and Election Interference. Prosecutorial Misconduct and Selective Prosecution. Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Corrupt. Evil.