January 6th was not like the summer of 2020 when ANTIFA and BLM destroyed numerous buildings, injured law enforcement, and got thumbs up from the lying media! (Mostly peaceful)

On January 6th the police deliberately attack the truly peaceful protestors. Some were chanting slogans, some were singing hymns, some like the Middletons were praying.

Previously we wrote a post about the Middletons, an American couple who just got railroaded by our government. Since then, we have been provided with a video that tells the true story. Yes, the police attacked Mark and Jalise when they were praying. Do you get the picture? Praying is an offense for Capitol Police. No wonder America is going down the drain and her future is bleak.

We know the next election is really crucial for the future of our children and grandchildren. This could really well be the end of this great country. Make sure you vote even if you are skeptical your vote will be counted. We at least need to try and giving up at this moment in history would be a grave mistake.

Watch the video and see how twisted the prosecution’s “facts” were. You will realize that this DOJ will not hesitate to lie over and over again in order to protect this current regime and the fact that YES, the last election was fraudulent.

I dare say, if you are not outraged, there is something wrong with you.

Pray for our country, pray for Jalise and Mark.