A big thank you to all of the Amazing Patriots who ordered their copies of THE AMERICAN GULAG CHRONICLES : LETTERS FROM PRISON !!!! You are helping to create a permanent historical record of a unique and sad time in our Republic’s History. We so Thank You for that!
Now many of you who ordered the book are wondering when you will get it. If you ordered your book but have not received it yet, you should have gotten an email from The American Gulag Chronicles Inc. and been given access to a digital flip book version to read online while your book is being printed and shipped. It’s our way of saying thank you for being patient with our efforts to get the most books out with the highest quality possible.

Because we believe Censorship is unacceptable, we have chosen to NOT sell the book through places like Amazon and Book Sellers who might remove or cancel the book with bad press. So the printing has been an organic and 100% Patriot Involved effort. The first printing of this book was self published and printed On-Demand by our volunteers. We found the method both time consuming and more expensive than it should have been, but that entire order of 500 books sold out almost immediately. With lessons learned, we decided we needed help to get the volume demand we were seeing so early in the process. Our new Publisher is a USMC veteran owned firm and they are working hard to help us get your books out quickly in these next printings. Our great thanks to Devil Doc Publishing and Veteran owner Christine Walker for their dedication and efforts. You can find this dedicated Patriot publisher at https://www.devildocpublishing.com/ . The second Printing is almost complete, but it is also almost completely sold out. A third printing will begin immediately. The efforts of >YOU< our Amazing Patriot Family, has made this all possible and we thank you for making it all happen with your patronage.

The American Gulag Chronicles Inc was created on November 8, 2022 as a small not-for-profit corporation out of Florida. The board of directors, made up of J6 luminaries and Activists, was created at the same time. Tim Rivers, the Author, surrendered copyright ownership to this entity to ensure the book would be protected and shepherded safely to the American Public. This board makes all decisions concerning the book, the expenses, and the funds distribution. A report of the first quarter expenses and distributions will be made public on our website in April, along with the nomination process for assistance to J6 defendants and their families. All funds not used for production and marketing of the book will go to help these individuals and their families through this persecution.

We appreciate your Patience as we ramp up production volumes and get your books ON THE WAY faster with this new Publisher and the dedication of our all Volunteer TAGC Board Members.
Visit us at AmericanGulagChronicles.org to learn more!!