Another assault by Lt Lancaster with no provocation. THIS MUST STOP! Call the Marshall!

Lets show the goons at the DC JAIL that

YOU CAN HELP!!! CALL THE US MARSHALLS SERVICE AT (703) 740-8132 or write them at United States marshals Service
Office of Professional Responsibility, Internal Affairs
Landover Operations Center
3601 Pensy Drive
Landover, MD 20785. or visit and file a complaint for the DC inmates, including our J6 Hostages. Demand HUMANE treatment for US PRISONERS!

This msg relayed from Guy Refitt by Randy Ireland.

Lt. Lancaster just came on the unit and assaulted Ronald McAbee. Everyone saw what happened. She spayed him O.C. spray and ERT came and locked down the unit. McAbee was cuffed up. The Correction Officer opened the door to let MacAbee get his morning meds from the nurse. He walked approximately 25 feet to the nurse and was alone and distanced. She grabbed him and then sprayed him in the face. She sprayed him a second time while he was being cuffed. All over him not having a mask on.
12:45am they brought Ronnie Sandlin back and 15 minutes later they brought McAbee back in but relocated him to a different cell with very limited view of the camera. A Ryan Samsel situation is brewing.
They took Ryan Nichols, Bart Shively to the hole and they are expected to come back but relocated to different cells. Not sure why the moves are happening. This place has lost its mind today.
Ryan and Bart arrived back on the unit at 1:15pm and relocated into different cells. The electronic grievance system has been broken for over a month and they won’t hand out paper forms. This place is falling apart fast.
It appears they don’t want any of us in the hole because it interferes with their drug operations. Every since the videos got out, they literally refuse to put us in there.

This msg from Peter Schwartz related by Randy Ireland

Thank you for the address. We were attacked again. Please let the world know. Today, at 11:45, Ron MacAbee was going to get his medication. He was confronted by Lt.Lancaster, who then proceeded to mace him directly in his face for not complying fast enough. (Notably, he was already at the med cart where he would need to have his mouth uncovered to take his meds anyhow.) When the pod, rightfully got up in arms about an unjustified assault; the ERT team, (which is this jail’s version of SWAT), came running in to assault the rest of us. Several of the officers were grabbing people by their necks and jamming mace canisters against their faces as they shoved people into their cells so they could rough handle Mac without interference. He was maced at least twice in the face, that I saw, and probably more than that. Everything was completely peaceful before this. Most people were still sleeping or reading in their cells. These people at this jail are sick, racists with a violent political agenda. The world needs to know this immediately!!!

-peter schwartz

James McGrew
Update 1
They are trying to Charge Ryan Nicoles, Bart Shively ,and Ronnie Sandlin with assaulting Officer Lt. Lancaster. These guys did nothing wrong other then come to the aid of a brother who was on the ground after being tackled. They literally stood around and yelled at officers to stop assaulting January 6th defendant Macabee . Mac was sprayed by officers at point blank range, all for being non combative and demanding answers to why he had been hit and sprayed repeatedly. America this is gross abuse of power and has to stop. We need your help.

Update 2

Holiday for Justice Brother, we are United in here and remain firm in our Faith. God knows our limits and his words always remain our Speer. Tell the Army of American Citizens we Love them and together We Will Triumph, over evil. All remain steadfast to bringing Justice to the Tyrants and never never stop fighting.

Semper Fi

James McGrew

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