Jesus Rivera aka JD Rivera was just sentenced by Clinton-appointed judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly for 4 misdemeanors to
– 8 months of jail starting January 9th (JD requested Pensacola, FL and the judge said she will request it)
– 1 year supervision
– $570 restitution in $25.00 increment after release.
– probation officer can look at his finances until it is done (equivalent to a 2-year-long surveillance).

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said that there was a fine line to felony. He was not charged or convicted of a felony. She said she must make it a precedent with a bigger sentence as prosecution suggested to deter others and so “it” would never happen again. There has already been hundreds of sentences so a precedent seems unnecessary and this sentence is vindictive and cruel. Antifa and BLM rioters during the Trump inauguration were rewarded with 1.6 million dollars from DC even though a lot of property was destroyed. JD however was not even accused of destroying any property on J6.

The judge used everything JD posted, filmed, and said against him. After he apologized that he went and posted this meme about when the capitol police were crying in their testimonies at the J6 committee, she said that his remorse cannot make up for what he did and said at the time.

So J6 defendants get jail for using their first amendment but only the left is actually protected by it. The bias demonstrated by the DC judges and this one in particular is despicable.

JD has a wife and little children he will not be able to help raise during his time in jail. That time cannot be recovered. It will be a permanent scar in his and their lives.

Read more about JD here. Write him through the Patriot Mail Project and follow PMP for new address in January.

Please pray for this family as they endure this tribulation. We will keep your informed of the jail information as he start serving this utterly unjust sentence.