On January 6th, Daniel Goodwyn, a citizen journalist for Stophate.com, was doing his job: recording history. Doing so, he entered the Capitol but as he was told to leave by a police officer, he left immediately. He was in there for less than 1 minute as video recordings attest. For this, Daniel was arrested and after 3 weeks, a felony charge was added to his misdemeanor charges that are like trespassing but require you to know you can’t be there. The felony charge aka 1512(c)(2) means that he is facing up to 20 years of prison. Now you may ask: “What is 1512(c)(2)? We are glad you asked.  18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) is the famous “obstructing an official proceeding of Congress” that is arbitrarily in a number of indictments and in reality falls under Section 1512 “Witness Tampering.” The problem with this charge, is that 1512(c)(2) was created after Enron to close a loophole for evidence document tampering, and if courts would read the English correctly, it is not applicable to any J6er. The government is using a law about destroying documents and saying Congress hid language in 1512(c) where anything can be a crime, with no witness or document tampering. This is an unconstitutional law if it were really true that anything can be a crime. Congress never passed the law for use as it is being applied. He did not interfere with any proceding and didn’t destroy any document; he did not intend to destroy documents or do anything to stop the debates, He did not think about destroying documents or stopping debates. Furthermore he was in the Capitol for less than one minute, not even enough time to go to the bathroom as some did.

As legal fees are a real burden, it would be awesome if he received some help from those who can contribute here.
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