Once again the Patriot Mail Project is conducting a Christmas drive to allow J6 families to buy presents for their kids.

January 6th’s prosecutions have brought a tremendous financial hardship for most of them. None of them were independently wealthy before January 6th and they certainly are not now.  When the main breadwinner of a household remains incarcerated for months, the family is suffering in many ways, one of them being their income. Mothers with little kids have been driven out of their home to find jobs that hardly provide enough. Among those who are not incarcerated, many lost their job when their employer learned about their connection with the January 6th event. The media many lies about January 6th have made things even worse.

They need your help every month but especially during this season when family celebrate Christmas and the birth of the Savior. Let’s help them again this year.

Here is a card you can give out you can download and print : PMP Christmas

Thank you for supporting J6 families!