The companies below have cancelled/de-platformed J6ers without warning or appeal process since January 6th, 2021. Please let us know if you know of others. Those who want to voice their displeasure to these companies should do it in a very polite and wholesome manner. We are the better side of this story. BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS BUSINESSES SOCIAL MEDIA TURNED OVER INFORMATION USAA HOME DEPOT FACEBOOK AT&T ( turned over phone location data [...]

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Please Pray for Dominic and Call the Marshalls

Barbara Turpin, Dominic's Mother writes: My hearts breaking. I just got off the phone with my son. He went from Lewisburg PA and was supposed to go to the hospital for an upper GI test. Instead they took him to Northern Neck Virginia. He was there and extremely ill for a week. Then they moved him back to PA because they claim the Marshals made a mistake. He was told he would finally get his [...]

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Abuse of Political Prisoner Jake Lang Needs to Be Exposed!

Jake Lang, a devoted Christian and a fighter for freedom, spent most of his incarceration at the DC-gulag (DC-CTF) where he suffered abuse like the other inmates. He was in solitary confinement for weeks, he did a hunger strike. Nothing has kept the abuse from occurring despite representatives showing up at the jail. Follow Jake on Rumble here: https://rumble.com/v17h6qx-the-truth-of-january-6th.html His website is: J6truth.org But we must not give up. Below is the information to [...]

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Another Unjust Sentencing: JD Rivera

Jesus Rivera aka JD Rivera was just sentenced by Clinton-appointed judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly for 4 misdemeanors to - 8 months of jail starting January 9th (JD requested Pensacola, FL and the judge said she will request it) - 1 year supervision - $570 restitution in $25.00 increment after release. - probation officer can look at his finances until it is done (equivalent to a 2-year-long surveillance). Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said that there was a fine [...]

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Another sign that this regime does not want to let the truth out. Please call the marshalls Please call: 540-288-5245 ext. 400 Rappahannock Regional Jail Ask for Sergeant Foster. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/emergency-broadcast-j-6-political-prisoner-jake-lang-put-isolation-maximum-security-prison-recording-audio-tgp-never-convicted-crime-jailed-since-jan-2021-au/

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Brandon Fellows: Abuse Alert

J6 News Updates - ABUSE ALERT Fundraiser 💰 Goal: $ 100,000 Raised: $ 46,728 Brandon has been in jail for 624 days. 😡 After being abuse at the DC Gulag for many months mostly spent in solitary confinement, he was moved to the Northern Neck where abuse continues. He was shortly at a medical facility in Fort Worth, TX and return to the Northern Neck. Below is an appeal from his mother to call the [...]

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