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The Real J6 Launches “Operation Love Wins” to Reunite the DC Gulag Political Prisoners with their Loved Ones!

Washington, D.C.— The Real J6 founder Shane Jenkins and his team are proud to announce their
newest campaign: Operation Love Wins.
Operation Love Wins was created to reunite the individuals in the C2B pod of the DC Gulag with their
family and friends by funding a trip for visitation. “To all of our supporters, we would like to thank you
for your help” said Shane Jenkins, Political Prisoner and Founder of The Real J6, “Congressman Troy
Nehls came out of the bullpen to close the deal for us. Because of the letter writing, calls to the mayor and
the jail, and with the help of Mr. Nehls and his staff: IT WORKED!”
As the news hit the C2B Pod, there were mixed emotions. Some were excited. Some said they are already
struggling trying to make ends meet so as much as they wanted to, they can’t afford the financial burden
of a trip. “With complete understanding the situation, hearing it put a knot in my stomach.” Jenkins said,
“By the time I got in touch with my team, they already had come up with the idea behind Love Wins.
Kudos to them for their labor of love and incredible idea!”
Our goal for Love Wins is to make this process as affordable and easy for everyone to see their loved
ones. “It’s been almost two years for most of us,” Jenkins said, “We are asking fellows patriots to donate
money, airline miles, hotel points, or other travel resources to aid us in this mission. Every penny of this
will go to our cause.”
There are approximately 25 individuals currently being housed in the DC Gulag. We estimate that it will
cost approximately $2,000/family (give or take) for one trip. A family (up to four) will receive:
• Economy round trip flights (or other modes of transportation if requested)
• Housing
• Food
• Transportation to and from airport and facility
“We appreciate you for fighting for us, for calling and writing, for donating and for making sure that in
the end, Love Wins.” – Shane Jenkins
Donations can be made the following ways:
• Monetary donations will be received via our Give Send Go donation page
• Any travel rewards should be emailed to
For information on other campaigns, ways to get involved or to request any additional resources, visit or email us at

About The Real J6:
The Real J6 came about because we wanted to represent what our movement is about. We wanted to
provide a window into our lives. We want people to know who we are, imperfect people who stood up for
our Republic! We looked at other names and quickly realized this isn’t going to end with us incarcerated.
So, we decided to brand this organization into something that would grow beyond all of this. This is a
populist movement and we want to keep our finger on the pulse of the people. We the people be the

About Shane Jenkins:
I am the Founder of The Real J6. I went to the Capitol on January 6, 2021 to voice my first amendment
right as an American citizen and to support President Donald J. Trump. I have been housed in the DC
Gulag since March of 2021. Our goal with The Real J6 is for you to get to know The Sixers and see how
the government treats dissenters. We want to bring awareness to our situation and engage the community.
We might be bent, but REFUSE to break.Shane Jenkins, J6 Political Prisoner

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