🇺🇸 LONNIE COFFMAN 🇺🇸 Mailed 10-19-22

Hello Lydia,

I have pretty much just given up on getting anything of a serious nature done until I get home. These people either don’t much care or don’t have the budget.
I don’t know who is to blame, but somebody should have to buy me another truck and pay to replace everything I had in it. They should have to pay all my expenses including court cost and lawyer fee, but it likely won’t happen.
I give thangs to the patriot and you for the poem you sent. It was quite good. I must get in contact with my lawyer, which can be a major accomplishment, to try to get a couple of issues resolved.
I just found out I have twin in the family. My brother’s son, my nephew and his wife just got twin boys to go with the two boys they already have.
Well dear, I will close now. May God Bless you and yours,
In Christian Love,

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