I want to thank you so much for everything you are doing!
US Marshals came by yesterday to pay me a visit. They tried to pull me into a room with four others. All recording body cams and cell phones pointed at me. I was like,”. WTF is this? ” Mr. Mckellop you have to sign some documents and take a few pieces of paper work. “. I’m not signing anything, I’m not taking anything. ” You have to take it, and sign the paper , or you’re going to be in more trouble.”. I went off. ” Your trying to intimidate me, and scare me into signing paper work?”. FO BUCK O! ” Mr. Mckellop, your being unreasonable. Please sign the paper or we will put you back in your cell.”. Really? ” OK he gets lock down for 24 hrs., or until he signs.”
They’re trying to back track on the issue of my tooth.! Forcing me into signing a paper that stated I was treated fair, and I denied help. Wtf? Some how they came up with an emergency appointment for me. Shocking! . They tried three times with different people to persuade me into signing. 3rd Grade Gestapo Interrogation Techniques! Level 3A SERE school mother fuckers! Been there got the T-Shirt! You cant fool me! Told my Attorney. He lost his mind. I’m over the target with this place, I’m taking flak.
I read the mail. Brought tears to my eyes! Thank them for the support!
Max love brother! Chat later