Last year the event in Missouri did not receive as much publicity as this year but this year several hit pieces were written by leftist media – no surprise here!

The event last year was small but true friendships were created and it was a time of reflection and information as Professor Clements from the Professor’s Record had a Q&A for the families. David Sumrall from, an ardent supporter of the political prisoners AKA J6ers, spoke to the attentive assembly.

We thought we would give you an idea of the event’s venue with some pictures from last year. It was a delightful barn repurposed for events, situated on a very beautiful farm with trees, a pond, and several interesting buildings.

This year’s event promises to be wonderful as well and we encourage supporters to attend if they can to support those the current DOJ has put through the wringer entirely for political reasons.

David Sumrall from and Hoang Quan AKA EOJ from the Prisoner’s Record.

Isaac Yoder and Profession David Clements

Professor David Clements

Sherry Bashlor, Mother of Bobby Gieswein and event organizer