Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Matthew’s mom describes him as a remarkable, dependable, and compassionate 27-year-old Christian man. Unfortunately, the past two years have been filled with stress due to relentless persecution by the DOJ and its prosecutors. They have shown no hesitation in manipulating videos, withholding crucial evidence, and even resorting to lies, which has taken a toll on Matthew’s well-being. It would mean the world to him if you could write and offer your support. He needs to know that he is not forgotten, and that there are people praying for him.

Since January 6th, it has been two and a half years of enduring mental torture and persecution for Matthew and all the individuals involved in the events of that day. Each day, they feel the weight of the situation. It all started with an FBI raid reminiscent of those conducted on actual terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda. Since then, they have faced various forms of harassment, encountered judges who routinely deny motions, and dealt with probation officers who invent infractions. It is an arduous path they are walking.

As many J6ers find themselves in a terrible situation, Matthew included, the DOJ has charged him with several misdemeanors as well as the famous 1512 (c)(2) felony charge. As we are sure our readers know, this charge is unwarranted, as no one destroyed or shredded documents as in the Eron case, at which time this very specific charge was used for the first time. President Bush, at the time, expressed concern that this charge could be misused in the future, and unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening. This charge carries a possible 20-year jail penalty. We know that the DOJ scrambled after January 6th to find a way to charge people in a very heavy way, as most people had this charge added several weeks after they were arrested.

Matthew’s birthday is a bittersweet occasion this year. While it is a time to celebrate his life, it also serves as a reminder of the immense challenges he is facing. He deserves justice, fairness, and support. We encourage you to join us in standing with Matthew and the others who have been unjustly targeted. Let us show them that they are not alone, and that we will continue to fight for truth and compassion in the face of adversity. Your words of encouragement and support can make a significant difference in Matthew’s life as he navigates this difficult journey.

Please keep Matthew and all those affected by this ordeal in your thoughts and prayers. Together, we can bring attention to the injustices and work towards a system that upholds the principles of fairness and justice for all.


Matthew Klein

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