The Northern Neck Jail has earned its reputation for being one of the worst jails in America! The conditions there are horrendous and J6ers are treated even worse than other inmates. It seems like the warden did not like the bad publicity the hell hole received from our friend Barry Ramey. So good, five of them were moved to a better place and we hear that others will be moved soon.

Barry spoke with his sweetheart Osprey Sensei and she related to us:
“Omg! I heard from Barry! They had their first piece of fruit since incarceration today! For breakfast they had PANCAKES and the food is hot! They get to go outside where there is a track and weight benches! All the J6 guys are together (about 8 of them). They get 500 min free phone time a month (of which attorneys time counts against) . They have a dedicated TV for their group. Just hearing this makes me calm.”

This is really good news though the best news would be for them to be freed before their trials or sentencing. An even better news would be for them to get a non-guilty verdict.

ANTIFA’s destruction rarely gets a conviction and they are let free the day of an equally rare arrest while January 6th peaceful protestors are thrown in jail for months of unjust and cruel pre-trial detention.

We pray Americans will fight for fair trials and real justice for all J6ers.