How can you tell if our recorded History is a True or a false record of facts? We’ve always heard the adage that “History is written by the Victors!”, yet somehow we still believe our History books and the narratives of its authors as if they had witnessed the thing themselves. What if the victors in these books rewrote their own versions of History, to play the valiant while villainizing and slandering their opposition or competition? Could you discern a very convincing lie from the truth, if all the actual facts were obscured or concealed from you? How does that fit into our technologically connected world today? Who controls and writes THAT narrative?

It’s a pretty old routine in the records of human civilizations, this ability of misdirecting and controlling large groups of people through carefully crafted lies. But when this skill is elevated to the black Arts of Politics and Nations, it reigns supreme amongst its lesser achievers and deceivers. All it takes to succeed in that realm is a Machiavellian penchant for the ruthless acquisition of power through intrigue and deception, at any cost. Mao, Hitler, Stalin…it’s an exalted few who exemplify it in History.

Most of us are just plain ordinary workaday humans. We love and empathize; we raise our families, we argue and disagree, but generally, we aren’t overly greedy or violently unfeeling as a whole. We follow self imposed rules of behavior and some degree of tolerance, based on our upbringings and cultures. We observe the Golden Rule in dealing with other Americans. Yes, there are a few segments of the populace that fall outside that sweet bell curve of tolerance and respect, but for the most part, Americans get along with each other… or at least, they Did.

So why is our Nation now erupting in chaos, lawlessness and violence? What leash has been broken in the common person’s constraints of civility and respect? Who gave this erupting segment of America the permissions to rampage and spew hate and destruction without restraint or penalty? We could join the obvious outcry and scream, “The Mainstream MEDIA did it!” and in a certain way, we would be half right. They are certainly an easy target as a source of seemingly deliberate misinformation, or just ignorance, but they did not create this “mind poison”, they simply distributed a carefully scripted version of it to the public. The levers of popular thought and belief are firmly clenched in the hands of a few impossibly rich Moguls of Control, who choose, manipulate, censor, filter and twist the realities and facts of the day to broadcast their own cultural and personal desires and dreams into your minds.

It is not a mistake. They fully realize that upsetting the balance of civility and cultural coexistence will overturn the Great Melting Pot and set fire to its combustible blending until all is a mingled ash. These few are Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Psychotics of the highest functioning order, risen to positions of wealth and power, determined to satisfy their thirsts for even more power, wealth, control and delusional godhood. They do not give a whit for the bodies, souls and carnage their aspirations leave behind, because they see themselves above the common man instead of being his servant. It is these few who craft the false narratives that feed the minds of most Americans today, young and old as they happily consume Main Stream Media pap in heaping servings each hour. It has become so bad, most intelligent people must now watch multiple networks and points of view, absorb the conflicting reports and opinions, and then try to condense it to some version of believability. So perhaps it’s true that he who controls that message of “reality” controls the minds of those who ingest it, and therein lies the problem in America.

Because The Ministry of Truth is now open for business! And business is GOOD!

But a growing segment of America has rejected this stream of controlled projections and now seek a more truthful, less militant shaping of the facts of the day. Internet driven Conservative view networks and citizen journalism is suddenly on the rise. These Seekers and Speakers are unafraid to ask hard questions or go directly to the witnesses and participants of events to get at the Truth. Such is the case with the mystery about the causes of January 6th, 2021 and the many patriots who have become its most ardent investigators. Many Americans still believe it was an attempt to overthrow an ascendant administration by radicals. But the new journalists began to get a very different story and reasons from the participants of that day who were now being swept up in raids across the Nation, and they began to tell it to America. Their stories, podcasts, books and letters began to appear in new and uncensored platforms and places and people began to question the History of Lies of the last decades.

In the book, American Gulag Chronicles, LETTERS FROM PRISON, and the upcoming sequel, ART OF CONFINEMENT, the prisoners and families of January 6th tell their own perceptions of that day and of the persecution it has brought them. Their testimonies are rapidly erasing the great History of Lies that have formed the popular narrative of this event for over two years. America is beginning to look for the Truth for themselves, outside the MSM echo chamber. They are finally demanding real evidence to judge for themselves. They are at last, abandoning the false narratives and carefully sculpted lies they have been fed for so long, that were meant only to lead them astray while evil had its day.

America is Waking Up!