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Nicholas is a proud Patriot and Veteran sentenced to 44 months in prions for made up J6 charges. Here is Nick’s latest letter asking for help.

Hello fellow patriots, I have a significant update. It’s been a while since I’ve said anything because I’ve just been doing my time at the FCI in Cumberland, MD. As always, there’s so much to say about everything going inside and outside of here. Today, I wanted to inform everyone that I plan to appeal my sentence and conviction. In any event, that will always be an uphill battle. However, in light of some recent developments regarding the cases of a handful of other J6rs, and one case especially, I am confident that I have what I need to appeal my conviction. To keep this short, the reason I am posting this update is because I need help with counsel. I need an attorney to help me proceed in the right direction with this. It is incredibly important to me. I know that the chances of getting out of prison before the next 17 months pass are slim to none, but if I can get a violent felony removed from my record that would make a huge difference in my life going forward. I know that everyone’s wallets are tight right now, but I am once again asking for anything that anyone can contribute to help me move forward.

Please donate to Nick’s GSG HERE.

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