🇺🇸 JEFF MCKELLOP 🇺🇸 10/25/22

Back from the hole!!!!!!! Shit! What a freaking nightmare! 1hr out of the cell after three days, then again after four days, then again after seven days. (I started to ration my food. SERE school training comes in handy! )
The cycle continues!
I threaten every one I came in contact with for violating my 8th & 13th amendments! Violated my civil rights to the god dam Nth degree!
Marshals were like,” hey man, I have nothing to do with you.” Your guilty by association alone. That makes you an assessory to the crime! Get your legal team together fat man, I’m taking you to court. Douche Bag!
Thank you one and all! They checked on me once to see if I had mold in my cell! Really! Thank you all for stepping up to the plate! And you all for your support!
Now the big test! Mid-Terms! Settle for nothing now, you will settle for nothing later! Its better die on your feet, than to live on your knees!

De Oppresso Libre

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