🇺🇸 JEFF MCKELLOP 🇺🇸 Nov 12, 2022

hank you for all you do. My attorney! Yeah. Its like we just started talking about J6. Jesus Christ! Is there an attorney out there looking st any video!? F*ck!
(know the prosecution is reading my text! So go f*ck your self! Lol! )
Bro! I need some one with a fist full of nuts to step up to the plate!
To one an all! Thank you all for your support!

” He will cover me in his feathers, and under his wings I will find shelter.

His faithfulness to me will be my fortress and ramparts! I only have to speak his name.

He will be my shield and sword!”

I am a political prisoner.
De Oppressor Libre!
-jeff McKellop



Jeff McKellop

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