On of the faithful patriot who writes to the J6ers sent us this message from Lucas Denney. Please pray for these inmates are lives are in danger. It is amazing that the very people who served this country with honor are now being targeted by the Biden regime and sent to prison for months and some for years. Some have been in pretrial detention for over 2 1/2 years in several facilities around the country. It is a disgrace! Below is the message.

We are on ANOTHER lockdown!

We made it about a week this time. Last night there was a stabbing and the guy died. Took him off in a helicopter. This is a place I do not belong at and the Democrat Communist Party (DCP) knows this. They knew my history and that I am a Christian, a good man, a good father, a veteran, a man who love and cares about this country, an active member in multipule communities helping others, they know I have never been in trouble and they know I did nothing wrong except standing my ground and standing up for what I believe yet they send me to the most violent, dangerous medium security FCI in the country. In doing this they have hurt and damaged two children (my kids) and many other family members and friends not to mention the damage they have done to the country’s justice system. These people are selfish, evil and sick. America is falling and there are still to many people hiding in the shadows either afraid or just wanting to pretend like nothing is happening and it will all just go away magically. IT WON’T. We need more prayers and more Americans to be active. Especially during this next election. A lot of these Republicans in Congress need to hear from you all telling them to get off their butts and start doing bigger things for us. We need to start having more outsiders, regular people to start running for offices. We need term limits.

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🦭 Michael Foy, 🪖 Jeff Grace, 🪖🎖Gabriel Garcia, Matthew Greene, 🦭🎖Alex Harkrider, 🪖🎖Timothy Hale, 🦭🎖Kenneth Harrelson, 🦭 Aaron James, 🦭🎖💜Chris Kuehne, 🪖Nicholas Languerand, Micki Larson-Olson, Joshua Lollar, Christian Manley, James Mault, 🦭🎖💜James McGrew, 🪖 💜🎖Jeffrey McKellop, ✈️ Ronald Mele, 🪖🎖Robert Morss, John Nassif, 🦭🎖Ryan Nichols, 🪖🎖Joseph Padilla, 🦭🎖Dominic Pezzola, 🪖🎖Ronnie Presley,🦭 Zachary Rehl, 🦭🎖Jesus Rivera, Thomas Robertson, 🦭Bart Shively, Troy Smocks, Hatchet Speed, 🦭🎖 Joseph Thomas, 🦭🎖Hector Vargas Santos, 🦭🎖Erik Warner,🪖🎖 Jessica Watkins,✈️Christopher Worrell.
💪 John Anderson. 💪 Richard Barnard, ⛴ William Blauser, 💪 Bran Bingham, 💪 William Jr. Blauser, ✈️ Aiden Bilyard, ✈️ Larry Brock,
💪 Benjamin Burlew, 💪 Jason Comeau,💪 Landon Copleland,💪 Douglas Creek,🦭 Donovan Crowl,🦭 Richard Franklin Barnard, 💪 James Davis,💪 Jason Dolan, 💪 Jamie Ferguson, 💪 Jacob Fracker, 💪 Christopher Grider, 💪 Leonard Gruppo, 💪 Derek Gunby, 💪 Nicholes Lentz, 💪 Jia Yu Liu, 🦭 Michael Lopatic, 💪 James Mault, 💪 Marcos Panayiotou, 💪 Michael Quick, 💪 Thomas Robertson, 💪 Troy Smocks,
🪖 Justin Stoll, 💪 Steven Thurlow, 💪 David Ticas, 💪 Thomas Vinson, 💪 Gary Wickersham, 💪 Jeffrey Witcher, 💪 Darrell Youngers

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Lucas Denney

📬 Lucas Denney
Federal Correctional Institution
PO BOX 6000

🎂 5/24 🎂

Incarcerated since 12/13/2021
or 644 days.