I was watching Fox News this morning. – I’m off laundry today, Sabbath you know. No ticket, no laundry- Mark Lavin: ” Democrat’s are manipulating, the media, they pay and support protesters, they crush anyone who stands in their way, they’ve manipulated the elections, they put a feckless sock puppet in the white house who doesn’t understand what’s happening, they’re the new communist/Marxist party ready to destroy what’s left of America. Changing our way of speaking, punishing those IN favor of life, allowing perverts and weird-o-s to finger blast our children, then call them a ” M.A.P. Minor Attracted Person.” They’re blaming Republicans and God fearing people for the destruction of our country. This party wants nothing but power and to knee cap America.”
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
Where’s America?
Why aren’t you in the street demanding these fools stand down? Demanding the removal of the elderly In charge who don’t understand what the hell is happening. These elected officials are wandering around the capitol with aids to support them, prop them up, raise their hands for them and vote yes. That’s ” Elderly Abuse!” Where are you?
I stand ready for life in prison for my outburst.
I can’t get an Attorney to even support me for a few moments.
Bright, Linder, and Shipley, Bright showed up here the other day. Finally! Brought my discovery, (Third Visit) kept checking his watch, looking at video for the first time.” Oh, what was that, Oh, wow did you see that, Oh, look at that.” I asked if this was the first time he’d seen this after almost eight months. ” Oh, no, we’ve been, and, we’re looking deep into, we have top people working,- Look at watch- Hey wow, the time has really swept by us. Jeff we’re going to be coming back, hang in there, we’re on top of it.”
I’m about to watch my children get married, and have children, all from my prison window.
Where’s America?
” Hey Jeff, let’s go to J6. Trump will be there, don’t leave me hanging, we’ve been together over 20yrs, I need you to be my right hand man in case, ANTIFA/BLM show up. It will be a good time.”
Maybe I’m being selfish?

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