One of the most egregious sentences handed down by the D.C. kangaroo court was a sentence of 66 months for Robert Morss. Found guilty by the Court on 8/23/22 after trial of obstruction of an official proceeding. Robert is a former Army Ranger who served on three combat tours. At the time of his arrest, he was a high school history teacher. Robert has severe PTSD and has been mentally and physically abused in the DC prison by the staff just because he is a J6er and loves his country.

If you want your children to be inspired not only by a War hero but also by an amazing Christian man, teacher and patriot talk to them about Robert. Robert stays positive and looks forward to his future as a free man. This world needs heroes like Robert.
Yesterday Robert’s new website was launched. Please check and learn about Rob, the US Constitution, recommended by Rob books, Scripture and more

Send Rob encouragement letters and love. We love you, Robert.

Robert Morss

📬 Robert Morss
FDC Philadelphia
Federal Detention Center
P.O. BOX 562
Philadelphia, PA 19105

🎂 8/20 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 724 days.
including serving final sentence for 2 days.

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 Judge Trevor N. McFadden


Appointed By: Donald Trump
Confirmation Date:
Born: June 28, 1978 (age 45)
AlexandriaVirginia, U.S.
Wheaton College (BA)
University of Virginia (JD)
ABA Ratings: Qualified (2017)