Nicholas Rodean 26, of Frederick, Maryland had a bench trial with Judge Trevor McFadden who is relatively fair. Nicholas was among the first Trump supporters who entered the Capitol. The reason he got a felony charge (destruction of government property) is because he allegedly broke a windowpane next to the Senate door. He also got six misdemeanors.

  • entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds;
  • disorderly and disruptive conduct in a Capitol Building;
  • engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds;
  • disorderly conduct in a Capitol Building;
  • committing an act of physical violence in the Capitol grounds of Capitol Building
  • parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol Building.

One has to realize that charges are mostly exaggerated by the DOJ. If you were Antifa or BLM you would probably get none of these charges even if you set a building on fire and the Media would say that you were a mostly peaceful protestor. Not so concerning Nicholas who was trashed by the media like every other January 6th defendant.

Nicholas, who has autism was sentenced on 10/26/22 to five years of probation, including 240 days of home detention, and ordered to pay $2,048 in restitution. Judge Mc Fadden mentioned that his autism was a mitigating factor.

Home detention is hard as we have heard from many J6ers. You may be allowed to go to Church on Sunday but for the rest of the time God forbid you would want to take your trash out. Since we do not have any direct information from Nicholas, we can only speculate what his release conditions are.

Nicholas is not on the Patriot Mail Project. Pray for him. If you know him, please ask him to fill out the form so he can receive mail from supporters.

You can review his case here.

Nicholas Rodean

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 Judge Trevor N. McFadden


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