Introducing “Life After J6 Trials”: Shedding Light on the Untold Stories

Whether you’ve been unaware or deliberately misled since January 6th, 2021, or if you’ve been closely following the situation faced by J6ers, we present this series to raise awareness about each case that has undergone trial since that fateful day. While some well-known cases have received media attention, both objective and otherwise, there exist numerous lesser-known cases that deserve our attention. At J6PatriotNews, our steadfast commitment has always been to share the narratives of J6 individuals, ensuring that the many political prisoners and their families are not forgotten.

Join us every week as we delve into multiple cases, ensuring that the stories of J6ers remain at the forefront.

Stay tuned for “Life After J6 Trials” – illuminating the untold stories.



This is the tag the articles will be under on this site: Life After J6 Trials Archives – J6PatriotNews